Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Delaying My Chores...

An observation since I've started to go into Central London a few times a week for nearly 2 months now:

Ramai mamat cina suka pakai cermin mata macam aku pakai and depa semua suka pakai bag sandang LV.

kuang kuang kuang

Yup. Believe it or not I've seen quite a few of these around in London. Is it a trend with these folks? was just an observation....just wondering if anyone out there has spotted these guys walking around...:)

Anyway, four and half years of not working and I was recently painfully reminded of why I used to hate going to work.


Let me describe one that I have (ehem) recently...met...

emotional.takes out stress on staff.annoying.absolutely incompetent when it comes to financial management.actress.bitches about staff in front of other staff.makes empty promises.annoying.always talks highly of her/himself.annoying.blardy damn annoying.

Sound familiar to you?

I guess that's because apparently all bosses have these traits (a conclusion I made after talking to some other friends who are unfortunately working)....

Well...that's not being fair and you and I both know that but I'm just going to leave that sentence there anyway...(just to blow off some steam here, people - just let me be!)

Enough of that.

Another little observation: Rich people don't know how to raise their kids. Apparently.

Isn't it such a cliché though?? Alah anak orang kaya....memanglah perangai macam tu..

But I've seen it again and again! And I'm asking myself why must it be that way? Some of the parents are really good, intelligent and hard working people and yet...

If ill behaved and immoral kids come with the package - I'd rather not have all that money.


Sorry guys...this blog entry will definitely fall under 'Ramblings' - just had to let it out somewhere..

And another thing...

What's up with everyone talking about brands nowadays..??? This brand, that brand, I want to buy this brand, oohh..I'm saving to buy that brand...

And in these dark days of the economic depression too...

I don't know...brands just don't do it for me. Tried them once or twice but they just don't give me a high.


And then I watched this on Youtube (saw it first linked from littlemuffins' blog):


And it strengthened my feelings on the matter....

And if there's a trend going on out there..well, I'm happy to be left out of it.

What I want to say to the people out there is: think. don't just follow.

Hey..But that's just me.

Enough rambling for now.

Friday, March 06, 2009

What have I been up to..??

I've been busy.

You know how I've been contemplating work for a few months now? It's because my kids have been schooling full time since September and from 9am to 3pm I've been free.

But I've always treasured my time at home. So when Mr S told me that maybe I should work part time to fill my 'unproductive' time and to get some extra money - I was not really persuaded. Okay..I did some applications but nothing really came out of them...perhaps because of the fact that I was half hearted in filling out those forms.

And then suddenly the pound fell.

The economy of the whole world has not been doing too good for a while now. If all the currencies fell, then we would probably still be fine. The problem is though, the dollar and ringgit have been pretty stable when the pound has been falling.

And that means....more money to send home to pay for all our hutang piutang...and less money to spend here...

Mr S has been doing a brave job of shouldering all these responsibilities but after looking at our family's financial statements - believe you me, Mr S the Chartered Accountant makes a monthly financial statement for the family!! - I decided, it's time I lend him a hand.

So, I told him grudgingly; Fine! I will look for a job!! But for once after the 4 years that I've not been working, I was serious. But what a time to look for a job, huh? All these lay offs and highest rate of unemployment in this country and I've decided to WORK??

But Mr S was optimistic. Browsed a few sites, and forwarded to me via email some interesting part time jobs he found. I applied. Got a rejection for one and a reply on the same day to come for a 'meeting'. Went. And got a job!

Just like that.


So yes...I've been busy.

And damn blardy tired.

The first few days, my whole body ached and I complained and complained 'until the cows come home' - berlakon sikit la...saja nak make Mr S feel guilty that I'm 'forced' to work..kih kih kih..But he will just encourage me by saying, "Come on Kapten Hoki!!" and really made me want to kick something.

But believe you me, I'm not such a weakling. I am really a tough cookie inside (betul lah!!) although I like to act weak for the benefit of Mr S (kuang kuang kuang).... My job is part time and it's only a few hours a day and just 3 days a week but penatnya Ya Allah....I guess it was only expected after 4 years of staying home. The daily routine of cooking and cleaning, taking care of the kids and sending them to Madrasah everyday, making sure they eat, shower etc etc is still in the list of my duties of course...tu yang penat tu...

But after just 1 month of starting work, I somehow feel energised. Don't know why.

Now, I walk to the tube station instead of taking the bus and I walk back home too. For one, I get to save on bus fare (£2) and for tummy macam semakin kempis la semenjak jalan I must be doing something right ye tak?!

And I don't feel tired much anymore...still have a lot of energy to send the kids and 'layan' them at night before they go to bed. I treasure the days that I don't go to work of course (Thursdays and Fridays) during which I always just lepak and read a book and clean the house.

What can I say? Besides 'Thank you Allah!' for His blessing on me and my family, that is...

So my dear readers... that's what I've been doing...

On my next entry, mayhaps I will tell you about my work place which is pretty interesting because I actually do the book keeping and financial admin stuff for a CLINIC! And the clinic is in a posh area smack in the middle of Central London so you can imagine.....interesting!!

Nanti lah I will tell you more when I have the time.