Monday, July 04, 2011

Birthday Lunch

It was Big H's birthday yesterday, 3rd July.

MasyaAllah he's TEN now! How time flies! If you've followed this blog before this, you'll know that I like to go to town and try to be creative (key word: TRY) with my kids' birthday cakes. Remember these..??

Monster Cake

Little H's 3rd birthday party

Big H's 7th birthday: Earth Cake

Spider Cake

Little H turned 4

I feel amazed at myself every time I look at these pictures! What a lot of time and energy I had in those days! I have not been able to present my boys with any more of my ehem, err..'creations' since, well..I think it's been three years since I last iced a cake and used some of my creative juices to make the kids happy for their birthday! Mak takde taim lah anak-anak semua... Look, look! This was the cake I made for Big H yesterday!!

Yes, only those none too shiny silver balls to brighten up the pathetic thing! Thank goodness for the pretty candles Mr S bought to add some colour to it! Yet my boys loved it and was excited when they saw it! Poor's been a while since I did something special for your birthday cakes, I know boys...I've been working and then getting pregnant and now even though I'm at home all day, with baby N around I'm lucky to be able to get any time at all to put in any extra effort in the kitchen...Kesian anak2 mama...

But yesterday we did have a little gathering for Big H's birthday. I wanted it to be the usual quiet celebration at home with the family unit but Big H pleaded with me to invite some people over! Mr S and I relented and decided to invite the two Malaysian families living in our area aje, Kak A's family and I&H's family. We invited them for lunch.

And what did I make? I wanted to cook the simplest and easiest food I could get away with! But the food had to be special and nice too, of course! So I decided to cook these:

Lemon couscous and and a simple lamb tagine, and some dishes I always cook and hence will have no problem with: lasagna and fried meehun! If you know your tagine and couscous, you'll know that they are hassle free dishes too! And for dessert, on top of that sparkly birthday cake, I made a pudding with banana sauce from a recipe that I've been itching to try for some time...

All in all it was a nice little get together, alhamdulillah. I'm glad that even with the baby and all I still managed to pull through this time - not without the help of darling Mr S and also of course, the boys! (with a little bit of nagging and screaming involved on my part - as usual!).

I do really like to cook for people, I do! It gives me a certain kind of satisfaction to see people enjoying the food that I had slaved in the kitchen to make. I hope this is the start of more invitations to our house this year, God willing!

Next event inshaAllah will be Little N's first birthday! Can't wait! :)


Anonymous said...

Ibah, what wonderful memories those old pics brought to mind. :) The food etc look great as always. The couscous thingy sounds interesting. Never tried making them before but have always seen them on the shelves at my neighborhood mall which reminds me of my fav lebanese kebabs in NZ. They put couscous in the kebabs! Yums. :) Looking forward to Nuha's 1st bday do too! How fast time flies!

btw, kat sana takde jual those edible prints that you can just place in the middle of the cake ke?

Rin ♥

Halwafy said...

Thanks for your comment Rin! Hmm..couscous in the kebabs? Interesting! I do love couscous! I know some people can't take them but I just love 'em and can eat them just like that!

The edible prints tu ada on ebay n specialty shops..not available in supermarkets tho..have to plan earlier n order b4 hand which is something I can do next time, inshaAllah..:)

mellymilly said...

it's the thoughts that matter kaaaannn?? dlm sibuk2 pun that's quite a spread ;) actually for me the cooking part tu not so bad, kalau ada org yg tolong basuh pinggan n kemas dapur and prepare brg2.....hahaha...tapi kalau semua kita yg buat memang jenuh....but the smile on the bday boy's face sure make it worth it for u...happy bday big H ;)

oh btw, this is k.lindot ;)

Halwafy said...

K lindot,

heheh..mmg the whole thing from A-Z ni yg membuatkan penat kalau takde org tolong sikit2...esp dulu when I really wanted to make a nice bday cake for the birthday boy...fuuh..mmg tidur lambat the night before!! ;p But i think the boys dah besar..they're okay je with whatever cake they get.. asalkan sedap!! alhamdulillah..:)