Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bonus Wednesday

Just some pics taken last Wednesday when Mr S had some time off from work. Mr S was unwell actually but we dragged him to the park in the afternoon after picking up Big H from school because the weather was so lovely.

Big H is getting quite good at kicking and passing the ball.

Little H still has a lot to learn but enjoyed himself as well.

Big H doing a header.

Big H playing 'stick-ball' with Mr S (not in pic) - he's getting pretty good at catching and throwing too.

Intermission. Toilet too far away la... what to do?

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Tag - 8 Random Facts About Me

After a long break in receiving tags (perhaps because I've not done most of the tags forwarded to me?? Sorry guys..) I received one from Flowerin and D.

Without more yakking, here goes.
1. I'm asthmatic.

2. I'm a worrier.

3. I'm pretty artistic - have some talent in drawing and painting.

4. I'm very particular about my facial skin.

5. I'm not very particular about brands.

6. I have lots of shoes, some are more expensive than others but mostly, they're cheap. However, I have only 1 handbag and it's normally expensive and of good quality - I will use it as long as I can - sampai koyak, basically.

7. I sometimes sleep with 1 knee to my chest - proven by a pic taken by Mr S while I was sleeping. Looks damn weird, I tell you.

8. I love jewellery. Gold, silver, gems, beads - whatever. I love them all.

Done! That was easy! Anyone want to do this one? Feel free to to do it if you feel like it. Am not tagging anyone.

Right. This tagging business over and done with (for now), I'm off to the kitchen to do something that you all know I like doing - cooking!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Oven Malady

When it's time to bake cupcakes or cakes, I will never use my fan assisted oven again.

An old pic taken while I was baking some cinnamon rolls - my fan assisted oven is the one lighted up, on the right side of the cooker.

Although it's supposed to be better - faster, better heat distribution etc. etc., I think the one I have in my kitchen has some sort of fan malfunction - the 'wind' generated from the fan is too strong that it actually blows my cake sideways!!


The one on the left was baked in my normal oven, the one on the right, using the fan assisted one.

Look at the right side of the bundt - you can see that it's clearly 'blown' by the over-working (or over-worked?) fan!


Now I can only use the fan assisted one to bake crumbles/ pies/ cookies/poultry i.e. for baking/roasting that don't 'rise'. Even then, it would be better for me to turn my baking around halfway through so that it bakes more evenly.


Thank God I have a second oven (see pic above: bottom left of my cooker) which is the normal (non-fan assisted) one that bakes fine.

But about that fan assisted one - anyone with the same problem? Or maybe someone can point out to me that I did something wrong?