Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kuih Cara Manis

Just wanted to share with you this recipe that I tried yesterday.

Cantik pulak gambar guna my Sony this time..

It's an easy recipe for kuih cara manis.

The recipe instructed to 'blend' the batter but I simply whisked it manually till my arm (nearly) came off. After all,
orang dulu-dulu didn't need no blender, ye tak?

The kuih turned out really nice, if I may say so myself.
Saying that, Big H didn't like it much, although Little H kept returning back to the kitchen for more and more.. :)

You need to get the moulds to make this one, of course. I think you can get these moulds easily back in Malaysia if you look for them. You can also, of course, use the mould to make bahulu or kuih cara berlauk as well so rest assured your investment in such a mould would be worthwhile...he he he..

They're cheap anyway.

Righty-ho..let's get down to the recipe!

2 cups flour

3.5 cups santan
(coconut milk)
1 egg

Some pandan juice..or just the paste - you can easily get this anywhere.




Blend the top 5 ingredients all together. Mixture will be thick-ish. Sieve into another bowl or a measuring cup (easier to pour later). Oil the mould and heat it up - once hot, make sure to turn the fire down and keep it low. Pour batter into each mould and then sprinkle or spoon some sugar onto each one. Cover. It will be ready in a few minutes, when the middle is fairly dry and you can see that the sides have browned a bit. Use a spoon to scoop it out gently. Stick two together to make green eggs...or so my son called them..

Told you it's easy!

Try it! InshaAllah you wont regret it.


D said...

eee haaa!!! yes, way to go for kuih cara! was the late Mr D's favourite and I made my MIL bring the acuan when they came over last year. now it's the children's favourite too. but of course, kuih cara you would taste 10x better than mine! LOL.

miss u la...

Anonymous said...

allo dear...selamat ramadhan. i was gng through my favourite website and came across yours..daha lama tak baca kan....Your kids look great ;-))

Coming back for raya by any chance?

Luv, elly

citykoos said...

oh my god, u r the cooking goddess! i never knew they were so easy to make!

hazyr said...

Emmm.. you gave me an idea..I shall get some of this from pasar ramadhan later! ;)

somuffins said...

Salam. I bought the mould years ago and I did try making the kueh cara but it turned out disastrous. Conclusion: Cant stop drooling looking at your KC.

all jazzed up said...

Hi babes, one of the kuihs that you only buat if you are overseas... Kalau kat KL.. hahah.. tak terpikir pun nak buat. And we did learn this in our SRT class, no?

Ayu said...

Nice pix, macam pro punya photo jer.

I pun suka kuih cara. Puasa ni tak jumpa lagi kuih cara kat pasar ramadhan.. atau tak nampak kot sebab orang bertolak2..

Buat la banyak2 pastu pek cantik2 dalam kotak plastik jual kat omputih, depa mesti beli. Kuih exotic tu... acuan Melaka mari. Lagipun kuih tu tahan lama.

Baby Mits said...

Hey I just made some of these recently too. Yup! They were easy to make, though my first batch came out all wrong! I had a tough time getting the sugar into the center of the kuih without spilling any on the sides!