Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day Of Ramadhan

Big H wants to try fasting this year.

He woke up for sahur and had cereal with milk and some cake and fasted the whole day and also solat 5 waktu
(normally he will miss subuh and isya' because the former is too early here at this time of the year and the latter too late).

He was pretty energetic the whole day up to about 5pm and he fell asleep by 7pm in front of the TV after mama promised some blueberry cheesecake at berbuka time.

He broke his fast with the cheesecake and then went on to eat (not a lot of) his dinner of nasi, sup daging, sambal telur and sayur campur..

He looked tired and went to sleep straightaway after isya'.

I told him not to fast today and he agreed after experiencing the tiredness yesterday..although earlier yesterday he was determined to not miss a single day!

I think for now, alternate days is best.

Tak sampai hati tengok dia.

Big H fell asleep at about 7pm...50 minutes to go before berbuka....

The boys' Autumn Term will start tomorrow thus am hoping that I will have more time for more blogging then...


Zara in Germany said...

selamat berpuasa k.snabby...siannya big h

just yeen said...

laaaa.. kesiannye hehe.. tapi bagus die yg nak puase

Along said...

Dania's starting to fast this year too. So far, up until 5pm. OK la...slow and steady.

Kudos to Big H. Letihnya tengok muka..hehehe..

liza said...

Syabas Big H :)

N|i|N said...

Alahai kesiannye... Sometimes, it's the mummy who needs to be stronger kan? The boy tara papa :-)

dillazag said...

OMG! Sooo precious.. good job, Big H.
Khadra and Khaleeq dah start ikut we all pergi terawikh. So, beria-ia wanting to follow and when we get there they were so well behaved. (as a 5 and 4 year old would, la)
Fasting wise, Khadra only lasted till 11am.. heh heh heh.. Nevermind.. Good training grounds anyways...
They make my heart melt sometimes..