Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank You Mrs V

Big H and his class teacher, Mrs V

Big H did very well in his Year 2 SATs exams (top in class) and it was due to his teacher who understood his needs and his perangai.

1 good thing about going to school here, the teachers are always aware of the kids' behaviours and characters and problems therein and will discuss with the parents about this and also will inform the next class teacher of what is required for each child (e.g. extra attention, extra encouragement..etc.).

Big H can be a little funny in his behaviour, I tell you that - no doubt he is an intelligent boy but being just pandai belajar is not good enough in life.

Big H was categorised as requiring 'special attention' when he first came to Mrs V's class, 2 years ago, just because he didn't know how to make friends and doesn't really speak in class.

The problem with Big H is that he thinks too fast and doesn't know how to articulate his flurry of thoughts. He used to get very upset when we couldn't understand what he wanted to say and on top of that is also very sensitive to everything you say to him.

But Mrs V handled his behaviour very well.

Throughout the 2 years that she taught him, I could see improvements in Big H's speech and behaviour and I am so very glad that Mrs V didn't just discard Big H as 'beyond help' or simply as a child with 'problems' or even worse, to categorise Big H's behaviour as 'just normal for his age'.

Instead, she always gave me encouragement and gave me suggestions on how to 'handle' Big H at home. She was always very helpful and at the same time her suggestions also comforted me too.

To show my appreciation to Mrs V, I will always go to help her in class (parent volunteer) on Thursdays and on the last day of school, I made some carrot cupcakes for her - couldn't show enough gratitude to her! She won't be teaching Big H next term as she will be staying to teach next terms' Year 2 children so I'm a little worried about how the new teacher, a 'Mrs H' will be handling Big H and how Big will take to her.

Mrs V said she will sit down and have a chat with Mrs H about all the students so, 'don't worry' - but I'm still feeling a bit anxious.

Have to wait and see and pray for the best.

The cupcakes for Mrs V


What's luv gotta do ? said...

cantiknyeee cup cakes tu... rugi i jauh sangat tak dapat rasa...

Anonymous said...

salam. I just want to share with you my experience when we used to lived in UK. it was in 2003 and my daugther was then 5 and she was very THE SHY ONE. her teacher, mrs dawson was simply the best. in just six months, she was transformed into a very articulate, participative and friendly girl. it was amazing. she loved her school years there and still missing those times. CONGRATS Big H! MRS Rose

citykoos said...

wah! top in class, congrats! following the mummy's footstep eh? ;>

Zara in Germany said...

k.snabby...cunnya cupcakes!!! syg aje nk makan

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