Friday, July 18, 2008

Big H's 'Sports Day'

Just some pics of Big H's sports day earlier this week...

Remember our sports day when we were in primary school? We had all the real stuff like 100m sprint, relays, short puts, high jump, long jump etc. etc. right?

The kids here (Year 1- Year 2) normally have 'sack race' or 'three legged race' or 'egg on a spoon race' for their sports day more like our 'sukaneka' but this year, since the London won the Olympic bid for 2012, the kids were introduced to decathlon events, only, 'kids-style'.They didn't even care who wins or loses - so no medals or anything like that.

The whole thing was just for fun and to be enjoyed by everyone!

It was a cloudy a day but the temperature was warm all the same and I think the kids had a good time.

Little H feigned a tummy ache and wanted to go to Big H's sports day - instead of going to his nursery on that day. I knew his trick but just acquiesced - bagi chance lah.

Big H's shot put event was just about throwing a small and slightly heavy ball (a cricket ball??)

The colours of East London..he he he..

Big H getting ready for the bean-bag balancing race.

After all those Wii boxing sessions, Little H thought he should practice at the lamp post..haiya!

Jumping hurdles in one of the races.

Believe it or not - this was their 'javelin' event!

After the games, a pose with Little H.

And.....another one!


Ayu said...

I guess the games here are all about building confidence and more about having fun. Sekolah kat msia patut buat cam ni...

Rd said...

hehe.. i think the javelin is the cutest of all!! hehe!

and little H looks almost as big as Big H :)

citykoos said...

ur boys are soo cute!!