Monday, July 07, 2008

Big H's 7th Birthday

We celebrated Big H's birthday with a small party last Saturday. Here are some pics:

Big H's birthday was actually 2 days before the party - on a school day. We simply celebrated the day with a small chocolate cake Mr S bought from Tesco with a card and present from both Mr S and I.

Big H with his present from Mama and Papa.

Pics of the food I made for the party on Saturday:

Ayam percik
(oven roasted, obviously!)


Lamb Stew

..and some other stuff...

Not forgetting the cake!
Big H requested an 'earth cake'...baked the cake and iced it the night before.
Had to buy a semi sphere shaped tin for it!

Big H and friends singing the birthday song.
As you can see, it was a really small gathering - only 3 families invited.

Happy birthday Big H!
And may there be many more happy returns of the day, sayang :) !


floweRinthedesert said...

Happy 7th Birthday Hasan!!! :)

You are so creative la Mummy. And neat too. Wish I hv a steady hand like u. :)

Along said...

Happy Birthday Big H!!

Looking at the pictures made my mouth water. Rojak...lama gak tak pekena ni.

Rd said...

Happy Birthday Big H!!

Anyway, your cake-decorating talent is as good as always ;-)

hmmm rojak pun sedapnya!!!!!!!!


beautiful cake, ibah!! you're getting really good at decorating.

btw, is the Wii for hasan or the parents' excuse to get one?? heheheh...

M-O-M said...

happy birthday Hasan, cool cake! My son turned 4 yesterday n the celebration is tomorrow, looking at your menu to get some idea...tapi i fail la rojak tu, pernah cuba dulu. kena dictate one by one lah kat i..:P

Yan said...

gempaknya cake!!!!! and sedapnya nampak all the food tu!!

ENJOY Wii!! rerajin practice, if u visit OZ nanti can challenge me & yuz..hehehehe

The Blueberry said...

Happy Birthday Big H! Big H and Little H look soooo alike now! :-D

BTW makanan tuu... Hmmm laparnye tengok...

mudpie said...

happy belated birthday Hasan!!!