Sunday, July 06, 2008

Driving School

Just putting up some pics and a video of the kids at Legoland last weekend.

The video is of the boys at the 'Driving School'. There are two such attractions in Legoland, one for 6-11 years olds, the other one for 3-5 year olds.

Of course, my boys belong in separate groups, Big H being 7 and Little H being 4. The queues were long as usual so while I was standing in the long line for a nearby boat ride, I asked Mr S to bring Little H to the 3-5 year old Driving School as there was a fairly short queue for it.

Mr S and the boys came back to me after 30 minutes with pics, videos and a story...

The kids were put into groups and each group had to listen to a short briefing on what to do and how to drive before they go on the Lego cars. Mr S tried to convince Big H to join the group and pretend that he's 5 - to his loud and vehement 'NO!!!'

Obviously he was not going to ever pretend that he is 5, being older and proud too to be older than his little brother.

Little H was getting ready to go into his yellow car when suddenly a girl in his group cried off and refused to go - running off to her parents who were standing nearby.

Mr S quickly took the opportunity and asked the assistant whether Big H can take the girl's place - there were lots of other kids waiting to go in but none of them have been briefed yet and fortunately for Big H, he was listening when the briefing was given to Little H's group...

And so, Big H being Big H - he went and enjoyed himself (I think) but pretended he was forced into it...hunching his shoulders and making a face although smiling when he forgot to frown.

He looked very funny while driving the car, pretending to be unhappy while he was really enjoying himself.

Little H of course, enjoyed himself tremendously. He could not stop talking about his wonderful experience at the driving school the whole time we were there!

After a few rounds around the track the kids were asked to do some moves just for fun (in the video) before their 'driving licenses' were given out and you can see how Big H was enjoying himself but quickly started to slouch to pretend that he was 5 years old - indeed worthy to receive the 'license'.


(Video taken from a Sony T70 digital camera - left the camcorder at home!)


The Blueberry said...

Amboiiii seronotnye diorang naik kereta... They look so cute :-)

Ayu said...

aisey.. apsal masa kecik2 takde tempat macam ni hah..? bestlah.