Friday, August 19, 2011

Progress Report & Ramadhan Ramblings

Posted 2 days late...

Already it is the 17th of Ramadhan and Mr S and I are starting to feel the lethargy that only people who have fasted for days and have not had enough sleep could feel.

It's normally the middle of the fasting month that it gets bad for me; the early part being supported by the initial excitement of Ramadhan, and the thrill and rush to be on track reading the Quran, whilst towards the end, I get rejuvenated by the fact that Eid is near and Oh dear! What a lot of tidying, cooking and cleaning for me to do!

So yes, right about now, I would and should be feeling sluggish, and truth be told, all I want to do right now is lie under my comfy duvet and just sleep!

But because I AM a supermom *groaaaaan* - life goes on as usual...

Just want to update everyone ont the boys. They have been following their 'plan' albeit not according to the allocated times and progress hasbeen a bit slow because they're doing it mostly on their own without my constant supervision. And oh yes, the reading Quran after Subuh thing? The boys could hardly open their eyes during sahur and fajr prayers so reading Quran afterwards is completely out of the question! least they are reading and revising the Surahs they have memorized at the madrasah every morning. That is good enough, I think.

I have also added something else to their list of things to do. Bought this 'Learn To Speak French' thing for them a few months ago that comes with a CD and card game and I thought when else would be best for them to do it but now - during the school holidays?

So yes, learning French is part of their daily routine now although as I mentioned above, progress is also a wee bit slow. But Okay la..

Oh yes, Before I forget, Little H finished his jigsaw! Here's the finished product!

Well done Little H, who did 95% of it by himself with mama and Big H sometimes crowding behind him trying to get a few pieces in! Dunno what to do with it now...probably get a cheap frame somewhere and try to fit it in...:)

At least somebody has finished something so far!

As for moi, I am on track (sort of) alhamdulillah in my Quran readings and in between that and juggling Little N and the boys, I've also managed to well...let me see..Have I checked out any baju raya for myself? Nope! The children? Well, we got them a new pair of shoes each. No baju raya mum said she sent some for the boys tapi tak sampai2 pun...

What else? Hmmm.......

I think it's safe to say that I have made no preparation for Eid yet and this is normal for me, especially since I started living abroad. I think every year it's just, "apa yang dah ada je lah" and as usual, my attempts at kuih raya are always, well, to put it simply, FAILURES!

Nope, I've never been good at making raya cookies..

But still, it wouldn't be another raya without ANOTHER attempt at it so I was thinking that I should start looking at cookie recipes after I finish the Quran. However, at the rate I'm reading right now, I won't have any kuih raya this year at all!

Okay. So maybe I should start baking 1 or 2 soon. Next week, I think.

Will document it here, inshaAllah..