Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just For Me To Remember...

The boys will always want to join Mr S and I while we solat together, normally during Maghrib or Isya'.

While listening to Mr S reciting one of the surahs, I could hear Big H reciting as well but I could also hear Little H's whisper;

"I love you Allah, so so so so so so so so so MUCH!"

That made my mouth twitch a little during my prayers.

Later, after we had finished, I told the boys to doa (ask from God for whatever).
Big H as usual, will just say Amin, amin, amin, when he sees that I'm saying my own doa.

But I heard Little H's doa, a quiet whisper, only just audible;

"Ya Allah..I want a skate board..."


While putting on Little H's pajamas after his shower in the evening, this conversation ensued...

"Mama why don't I have to wear my spender at night?" asked Little H.

"Mmm..because you don't need to, do you...? No one's gonna see your bird-bird if your pajama pants accidentally comes off during the night...."
(I deserve whatever I get after this answer..)

"But do
YOU wear your spender, I mean, your panties at night, mama?" (I had told him that Mama doesn't wear 'spender' - mama is too kelass to wear such a thing u see he he he)

"Err..I do...."

"But why?.."


I was still thinking hard for a good answer when he said,

"Mama, make sure, tonight, you don't wear your spender, alright? Because you don't have to wear it..nobody will see..."

"Okay.." (splutters)..."I'll make sure I don't!!"


I heard a conversation between Big H and Little H while they were in the toilet brushing their teeth...

Little H: When your tooth falls out, put it under your pillow and the Tooth Fairy will give you money..

Big H: Yes, but when Horrid Henry puts his tooth under his pillow.... etc. etc. (they were discussing Horrid Henry, a children's book character with a cartoon tv series as well based on the books.)

Mama (cutting in): Eh! There's no such thing as a tooth fairy
lah...it's just a silly story...

Big H: But there IS a tooth fairy!!

Mama: Tak ada
lah...(getting a little impatient..)

Big H: But Papa said HE is the tooth fairy!!

Mama: Oh.. betul lah tu..(after all their Papa is the only one who makes money and can give any money around here..so I guess Mr S is the family's tooth fairy!)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Am Back!

Finally, my pc is working again so I am back in the blogosphere!

Mr S stayed up until 4 am on Saturday to reformat and install everything back in so that the pc would return to its normal state after being out of it for so long. And he did it except for one thing - he forgot to save the hundreds of bookmarks that I had in the C drive!

Don't know how I can get those back again...

I think the reason for the breakdown is a virus that came in through a torrent that I was downloading the night before it happened...I think la...I dunno.

We're not even sure that it was a virus.

But whatever it was, Mr S, the IT engineer turned chartered accountant proved that he still has all those IT stuff intact in his grey cells by repairing and turning everything back to normal.

Thank you Mr S! Love you!!!

ANYWAY, just for a picture in this entry, I have uploaded my recent cake deco attempt on a carrot cake baked in a 9"x13" baking tin. Not an easy feat, decorating a cake with the kids around me and touching this and that - Big H even spoiled the icing at the beginning by leaning on the cake to reach for a tub of food colouring.

"That's IT!!!!! OUT!!" I had shouted, pointing towards the door.

The cake was for a friend who will be returning to Malaysia for good next week. We went to a farewell party for her yesterday and this was my contribution. Not perfect but boleh lah...

Righty-ho, I have to go now. InshaAllah, will update more soon.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

April Snow

View from my window early in the morning.

View from the kids' window.

The kids playing in the backyard while the snow was still falling.

Learning to make snow balls.

Wet but happy.
Big H said he was 'trying to look annoyed'.

Melting already by 10 o'clock...

About noon, most of the snow had melted and there were not even enough for slush.

It stayed freezing cold the whole day though, and later, we also had some sleet and hail too.

Isn't it supposed to be spring?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Message of Warning

When Big H asked for juice in his water bottle, I refused, and just filled it up with mineral water - he was recovering from a cold and he needed plain water not water with sugar added in it!

Later that night, I received a 'message' delivered by none other than Big H's little cohort, Little H...

"Dear Mama, I ask for juice, not water. I'm well. It can not happened again.
P.s: You've been warned" (Jolly Roger sign)

I heard sniggering in their room and walked through their door, carrying the piece of paper, one eyebrow raised.

"Is this serious or is it meant to be a joke?"

Loud laughter.

"A joke, Mama!! It was Hxxxx!!!" cried Little H, laughing like crazy. It was so very funny to him, apparently.

"Joke? Okay....nasib baik...!! Otherwise nak kena babab dengan mama...." I said glaring, making my voice very, very serious and went back to my room. (Actually, I was dying to laugh too, but obviously, warning letters to mum cannot be encouraged!).

The boys were unrepentant, of course. They laughed for a good two minutes after that.

Sabar je lah...

The little messenger.
"You have been warned.."