Monday, April 28, 2008

Am Back!

Finally, my pc is working again so I am back in the blogosphere!

Mr S stayed up until 4 am on Saturday to reformat and install everything back in so that the pc would return to its normal state after being out of it for so long. And he did it except for one thing - he forgot to save the hundreds of bookmarks that I had in the C drive!

Don't know how I can get those back again...

I think the reason for the breakdown is a virus that came in through a torrent that I was downloading the night before it happened...I think la...I dunno.

We're not even sure that it was a virus.

But whatever it was, Mr S, the IT engineer turned chartered accountant proved that he still has all those IT stuff intact in his grey cells by repairing and turning everything back to normal.

Thank you Mr S! Love you!!!

ANYWAY, just for a picture in this entry, I have uploaded my recent cake deco attempt on a carrot cake baked in a 9"x13" baking tin. Not an easy feat, decorating a cake with the kids around me and touching this and that - Big H even spoiled the icing at the beginning by leaning on the cake to reach for a tub of food colouring.

"That's IT!!!!! OUT!!" I had shouted, pointing towards the door.

The cake was for a friend who will be returning to Malaysia for good next week. We went to a farewell party for her yesterday and this was my contribution. Not perfect but boleh lah...

Righty-ho, I have to go now. InshaAllah, will update more soon.


hhanni said...

Salam Halwafy,
So glad u're back...hv missed yr entries esp yr cute boys. i wondered why u were quiet. Anyway, u are so lucky to be in the UK with yr loved ones. reading yr blog brings back memories of my uni days too, except that i was alone and missing home & family at the same time. How long will u be there? Take care and keep warm.

Anonymous said...

Salam Halwafy,

I'm new to your blog but been reading silently. But today I'm called to write because......I need some Ovalette!!!!

I made the mistake of going to your recipe blog and I so lluuuuurve apam. Just looking at your apam picture, I can almost taste the softness of apam makan panas2. Hai! macam org mengidam pulak, I assure you I am not with child...hehehe!

Yes back to where can I get this ovelette tu, I am in Sheffield tapi tak pernah jumpa kat chinese shops. Do let me know and welcome back!


rd said...

Salam Halwafy,

I read your comment for me in D's comment box.

Yup, may be when I wrote tht comment, your Hs kiddos crossed my mind! Heheh!!

And thats when I clicked your link and GOOD!!!! you're back blogging!!

The cake looks so sweet!!!!!
Eh.. KakSherry is also goingback for good end of the year? You know abt it?

Keep on blogging!!!

M-O-M said...

so talented with cake deco...i envy your creativity.

but the shouting part...ha ha like kena on my own batang hidung...kah kah kah..i am also like that cuma i have only one boy to deal with right now..:D

D said...

cake deco?? oh, sungguh malas ... (always aim for stress-free time in kitchen). er, fren, ada buat delivery London - Coventry kaaa?? *sigh.. wish u were closer! (and I don't mean just for those beautiful cakes! hehe)

halwafy said...

hhani: Salam! I do still miss my mum and siblings and friends in Msia. But I guess I should be thankful because I have my own family with me here. I know for a fact that some Msians who are here alone are really, really miserable..the weather is a big factor, I think! You know how miserable it can be kat sini..:(

For now, I don't know yet how long we will be here..but I think inshaAllah we have few more years to go...:)

Thanks for leaving a comment. Really appreciate it!

Murni: Seriously, I haven't seen it around either! I think ovalette is a malaysian/ singaporean thing kot...orang lain macam tak pernah dengar je!! (or they might call it with a diff name...??) But no, I don't think they have it here. My own, I got my mum to post it all the way from Malaysia, just because nak masak apam cantik manis...;)

You like cooking too?? Ada blog yg boleh I jenguk? *wink*

Rd: Kelakar betullah you tulis sampai 3 comments!! I tersengih je baca comments you:)

yeah..K sherry is going back for good but must be after bersalin, and even that tak sure exactly when ..they might wanna wait awhile after that too. Abg K said bila dah naik plane baru boleh confirm :)

I didn't know that you keep in touch with her!

m-o-m: thanks..takdelah terrer sgt tapi...still a lot to learn!!

I bet nanti your little girl pun sibuk nak masuk dapur ngan you jugak kan??

D:You know, D..I start to sing to myself every time I start painting, drawing or cake decorating! I guess I find it relaxing kot...??
But maybe it's because I do it for fun, not for orders, so no pressure!

Hmm..don't worry. I know you would like me closer not for the cakes coz you're a helluva baker yourself!! ;)