Friday, April 09, 2010

A Yellow Belt for Little H

It's now the second week of the Easter Holidays for the kids, hence the reason why I've been a little too busy to dive into the blogosphere.

But right now, the boys are at the madrasah, and Mr S had helped to cook dinner last night (cum the boys' lunch while we were both at work), so I think I'll make a quick entry about Little H's karate grading last few weekends specially for the family and grandparents back in Malaysia!

After about a year wearing his white belt, Little H's sensei finally gave him the green light to take the grading to yellow belt. And boy, was Little H delighted!

Big H, Mr S and I helped him to practice at home for the grading - pointing out what he was doing 'wrong' or 'funny' and he took all our pointers in and alhamdulillah, did very well during the grading. (Big H didn't do his grading this time around because he just went up to his green a few months back.)

There was 1 part during the sparing though, when Little H's partner had to do a face punch and Little H had to do his upper block when the Head Instructor had asked him to repeat his move - but in our opinion that was just because Little H's sparing partner was well, to put it frankly, rubbish. I know, that's harsh, but it's true!

Pity that little boy. It's really appalling to see some overly ambitious parents (particularly the parent of that little boy) insist that their child is ready for the grading when they have only attended the classes 5-6 times! I pity too the instructor who had to deal with the parents - we saw 2 separate cases when parents went to the sensei to insist that their child was ready to take the grading even when the sensei expressed to the contrary! How kiasu of these parents! Kesian the kids!

Anyway, here are some pix of Little H's karate grading. He had checked my blog a few weeks back and had asked why mama hasn't put up his karate grading pics in Mama's blog! Sorry darling, I've been busy ye...hopefully, I'm not too they are;

Little H ready to perform his kata.

Yay! Little H presented with his license book by one of the senseis
which states that he had passed his test!

Little H proudly holding a certificate (actually that was Big H's - Little H's one wasn't ready yet!) for the photo op with all the other participants.

Little H proudly holding his yellow belt.
Mr S bought Little H his yellow belt straight after the grading!

Big H with his Green Belt Certificate.

Little H still full of adrenaline at home - showing off in front of the camera!