Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Grading

Big H went for another karate grading on Sunday. He was a red belt going up to orange.

This was taken during his grading. Thank god for the boy on the left - they were partners during the sparring test and he actually helped Big H a teeny bit during the test!

Results were announced - the sensei called out Big H's name to tell him whether he had passed or not and Big H rushed to the front but the sensei still couldn't find him - kecik sangat... :) Can you spot Big H? If you can, then you can see the smile on his face when the sensei announced that he passed his 8th kyu.

Right afterwards, Mr S bought Big H's new orange belt and he quickly put it on for a pic - together with Little H, of course - the white belt wannabe! :)

Congrats Big H!


hazyr said...

How old is lil' H again? He definitely looked as tall as the brother... if not taller!

Rd said...

Well done Big H!!

I can spot him despite very tiny! hehe..

Ayu said...

I can't find him in the picture. Which one?