Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bonus Wednesday

Just some pics taken last Wednesday when Mr S had some time off from work. Mr S was unwell actually but we dragged him to the park in the afternoon after picking up Big H from school because the weather was so lovely.

Big H is getting quite good at kicking and passing the ball.

Little H still has a lot to learn but enjoyed himself as well.

Big H doing a header.

Big H playing 'stick-ball' with Mr S (not in pic) - he's getting pretty good at catching and throwing too.

Intermission. Toilet too far away la... what to do?


Angelita Atractivo said...

salam & hi snabaz! ;p

wow! it's been yonkers since i last heard about you!
and now you're a mother of two lovely boys!!! =)

whereabouts in London are you people staying?

anyways, good to hear from you !

halwafy said...

Hi there zetty!

Nice to hear from you here..sorry so late to reply...been a little busy and just no mood to sign into blogger, really..:)

See that you've also got a partner and a cat! Very kewt la he..your cat, I mean ;)

We're staying in Stratford, near Leyton (zone 3). Kalau sampai sini jemput lah datang rumah kami..:)