Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Million Dollar Question or Should I Say..

the 'extra money' question. Or maybe I should call it the difference between needing and wanting. Or maybe weighing the issues according to importance. Or maybe it's the question of love. But I do love my children, no doubt about it! And they are definitely more important to me than anything else in the world. Indeed to anybody who has children this is true.

So I guess its the question of the extra money and whether I need to work are the ones I have to answer. When one loves one's children and they are of the utmost importance, one will want the best things for them. The best toys so that their minds will be stimulated enough for them to grow up to become intelligent individuals. The best education so that they will be successful in whatever they want to do. The best schools so that they will be educated, nurtured and shaped into balanced individuals. The best food and nutrition. The best care.

And when talking of the best - that's where the question of money arises. And I am not working. Maybe I should. Should I? And that's the million dollar question. Or as I mentioned earlier, the extra money question. Really, it is a never ending spiral of thinking, confusion, unanswered questions, still more thinking and confusion and yet, more unanswered questions for me. I just cannot decide.

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