Thursday, June 08, 2006

Summer Glummer

I love hot weather. It has been wonderfully sunny weather in London these last few days. Today, the weather forecast is clear and sunny with a maximum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. And I’ve been rummaging my sparse cupboard again and again for something bright and summery to wear – hoping that something light like a summer dress, perhaps, will magically appear the next time I look through my pile of worn out clothes.

Oh why, why didn’t I take my whole Malaysian wardrobe to England? I should have remembered that although ‘England’ usually equals ‘dark, cold and gloomy weather’, they do have some hot months each year. It’s not that I’ve never lived here before. But yes, during my university days here, I usually spend the summer months back in Malaysia, so I guess that’s why I simply forgot to pack some hot weather clothes in my luggage when I came. And to those of you who know me, you will know the almost indecent amount of clothes and shoes that I have back there. Well, at least now it feels indecent. Back then it was just...normal. I guess it's my lot at the moment to feel some of life's 'hardships'.

So this is my first ever summer in England. Where do you go around here when you have not much money and 2 kids in tow? I guess for us this year it wil be the parks and maybe try and sample the more children friendly attractions in London. I wonder what that will be. I shall find out. Maybe I'll report to you people if we find something nice.

The hot weather makes me want to wear the one and only colourful green vietnamese batik skirt that I have - and wearing that makes me happy coz it reminds me of home. Not that Vietnam is home. It's just the colourful batik patterns - similar to the ones that we have in Malaysia. Not that the ones that we have in Malaysia are made in Malaysia. I think most of the good ones are Indonesian made although there are a few Malaysian batik factories, I suppose. I think it would be blasphemy or something if I didn't state here that err...Malaysian Batik is the BEST (satisfied?). So, why was it..oh drat...I lost my train of thought.

This weather makes me lazy and sleepy. I don't think I like the hot weather after all. I just thought I like it because I wanted to dress up just like when I was back home.

I miss my heeled sandals.

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funny bunny said...

just a fortnight to go and u can have ur fashion show :D