Monday, November 06, 2006

Beware Of The Face Reader

A friend is convinced that I can ‘read’ people faces and expressions better than other people can.

On two occasions (that we have thoroughly discussed, of course) I have actually successfully gauged that 2 separate couples are having problems in their marriages, even when I had no prior knowledge whatsoever of their relationships before meeting them. It turned out that my feelings were true.

My friend is convinced that I have this talent and that maybe that is the reason why I appear aloof and none too friendly when I meet ‘new’ people – because I can read and assess them from their facial expressions and air muka, so I tend to be careful. I hope that made sense. But I have to admit that I am a little impressed.

With myself, that is...if what she says is true.

‘So, it’s not because I’m a bit shy or because I’m not very good at making new friends?’, I asked her.

'No', she said, definite. 'I ‘m sure it’s because of your ability to read facial expressions easily, therefore your guard is always up and you just don’t want to be too friendly with just anybody, she said.'


That’s a nice way to explain what I have always thought to be my inability to mingle easily with strangers or what other people might mistake as just me being a little snobbish.

I think I’m going to believe her without a doubt because she makes me feel good about myself. friend is a good friend...

I guess I am actually very sensitive to the smallest frown and the less visible scowl. But only when I care to be. I suppose many people also have this ability but I was surprised that the 'friction' I saw between the couples I mentioned were not so visible to others.

So, I suppose all I can say is: if you're quarrelling with your spouse or partner, beware if you're meeting me...


cp1 said...

reading and analysing people?? WOW thats a great gift. nasib baik im in you get dreams??

halwafy said...

heh lah...I'm sure I'm not THAT's just that sometimes I notice little things that's all...nothing REALLY special...

I'm just glad that my friend has explained my 'deficiency' when it comes to meeting new people in a NICE way though..

To me, people like her has got the best talent of all: to make other people feel good about themselves...:)