Friday, September 21, 2007

Talking About God

I have never been very good at talking about God and Islam with children.

Heck, I used to find talking to them about ANYTHING at all to be difficult, simply because one needs to put everything in a 'simplified' and at the same time correct and direct manner, to be easily understood by their young minds. But I think I have improved a lot in that department since we first arrived here and I started being a full time carer of my children and of course, they have also grown a little since, thus the reason why I find it easier to talk and explain things to my boys nowadays.

It is not always easy to explain any theological concepts to mere adults, so you can imagine how one needs to be creative and prepared for attacks from all fronts when children are involved! One doesn't want to make up stories that are in principle wrong although God knows that I am no expert in the subject.

And thus I sought refuge in the form of a book (pic above), which I found in a shop along the 'Curry Mile' in Manchester, during our trip there in August.

It's amazing how interested the boys were to listen to my reading the book to them outloud. They questioned everything and made their own examples from their understanding.

The book asks (and answers), amongst others;

Who made us?
Allah made us.

Who is Allah?
Allah is our Maker.
He is the Maker of everything.

Can we see Allah?
No we can't.

Can Allah see us?
Yes, he can see us all the time. He can see everything.

After the reading, Big H concluded; "Allah made my mother and father and brother!"

And Little H, not to be left out, concluded; "Allah has very, VERY BIG eyes so that he can see everything!"

Of course, one still needs to explain a little bit more with one's own words to make them understand even better.

That aside, I do recommend this book. So far it has been very helpful to me in teaching my children about my religion.


Rd said...


I too used many Islamic books to explain many things for's much easier and interesting too..
So far alhamdulillah it works..

just sharing

jaylina said...


The book looks interesting. Juz wanna to inform that juju has given birth to a baby girl on 25th Sept. The baby's weight is 3.29kg. Alhamdulliah. Both mother n baby are in good health.

FloweRinTheDesert said...

my eldest has soooo many questions within questions, seriously i'm always at a lost. Most Islamic books for children are pretty straightforward in their explanation so they tend to make my daughter ask MORE and i end up at a lost for words. Just this evening, she was asking about how is it possible for anyone to go to heaven and meet Allah when their body is buried 6 ft under. How do you explain how a soul looks like to a 6yo?

Afif said...

I reckon you guys won't return home this Hari Raya? That's too bad.

Hey take a listen to my Hari Raya songs! They'll surely set the mood (and add to more homesickness :P)

mudpie said...

selamat hari raya and maaf zahir batin halwafy *amin*

hazyr said...

you've been tagged :)

proceed to my blog ya..