Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Am Now At Home, Just Back From Home

Yes...I am back from a long awaited holiday in Malaysia. Too many things to write about but will try to sum it off with these pics I have below.

The first few days in Malaysia were so dreary and wet that Mr S commented that 'no wonder our bags were so heavy - we carried all the rain and dark clouds all the way from London back to Malaysia!'

But the weather turned 'normal' after a few days.

We spent our time mostly in Seremban and Melaka and got to spend some time in KL too. Spent Raya Haji in both Seremban and Melaka, as usual. The kids were delighted to celebrate raya in Malaysia.

Here's a picture of the kids with their Atuk and Uwan in Seremban.

Went to the beach - as promised to the children.

Went to the pool a few times too.

The kids got a few days to play with their cousins who came back to Melaka for Raya too.

Saw the long awaited movie The Golden Compass at the cinema.

Ate most of the things that I
dreamt of eating whilst we were back in London.

Got to spend some time alone with Mr S (a luxury!) while the kids spent some quality time with their grandparents.

Spent some time with my very good friends - went for a karaoke session no less!

Ate satay kajang.

Visited the compulsory aunts and uncles.

And the list goes on..(but I'm afraid not long enough!).

The 3 1/2 weeks in Malaysia were definitely too short especially for the kids. Little H was
nearly crying(!!) in the shuttle which took us to the Departure Lounges at KLIA, saying "Now I really, really miss everyone..!"

Had to comfort him with a really big hug - poor Little H!

Big H said he wished London is Malaysia.


But our rezeki at the moment is here, so had to do my best to try and comfort them. God knows it was hard for me too, to leave my loved ones behind.

It was indeed a wonderful, wonderful time we had in Malaysia, especially, I think, for the kids who are always a little bit lonely here in London without too many friends and family.

As we rode in the black cab from Heathrow through the city of London which was still quiet in the early morning hours on the last day of 2007, heading back to the place we call home in the East of London, Mr S suddenly sighed and said, "

And I understood his feelings completely as I feel the same way too. It's boring and dull here so far away from one's parents, family and friends. And it's winter now - the worst season of all (in my opinion) for people like us who hail from the wonderfully hot and tropical countries of the world - when 3pm is already so dark and gloomy that you can't help to have the weather reflected in your moods too.

Still. STILL. It is good to be home now - to be able to sleep on my own bed and to watch my own TV, and to cook in my own kitchen.

But only, if only home is somewhere else...



errkkk... welcome back?

it was so good to see you. sorry i forgot to bring the promised cookies. hope u were not craving for it.

take care ya!

Working Mom said...

hi halwafy... yeah, it's always good to be home, no matter how far away it is ;) home i guess is where hubby and the kids are. now my hubby is so far away that i too wish my home is somewhere else.

anyway, happy new year to you. it has really been ages since i visited your blog, really missed it :)

FloweRinTheDesert said...

happy new year to you babes. too bad timing wasnt quite right when u came home to Msia last Dec. Wish we had more time to spend together OUT somewhere more interesting than a hospital ward and my house! haha

kumpul duit bnyk this year balik 2-3 bulan plak. hehe ;)

ms hart said...

salam halwafy, sibuk nak tahu, melaka kat mana tu?

Lena said...

My dear, good to hear you are back. I know exactly how you guys feel. Malaysia is so vibrant and alive. Coming back here is always a downer. I went to Rome for a holiday with my hubby, sister and her husband (came all the way from KL). Still, it's good to finally sleep on one's own bed. Welcome back!

D said...

home is where we desire it to be... Allah decides the best for us. And for now, yours is close by to mine! Muahaha...

Welcome home!

The Blueberry said...

Awwww... Poor you... Tapi by now you dah back to your routines dah kot? Dah ok dah?...