Friday, June 06, 2008

One more thing I bought..

Got these books too at that car boot sale where we bought Zoyot (see entry below). Bought the whole lot for £5, which makes each one about 20p.

They're a collection of Enid Blyton's Secret Seven and Famous Five books - not the complete set but I think they were a bargain indeed - considering they were the early editions and they are in pretty good condition!

I would have been in absolute ecstasy if I were to be given these a few decades ago. But at my age, I still had a wide grin on my face when I bagged these books off the seller.

Now, I'm hoping to transfer some of my happiness to Big H - he is slowly beginning to read the first of the Secret Seven books, albeit with a pencil and a paper beside him to write those words he could not understand...

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The Blueberry said...

Wah! Famous Five! Nostalgia nyer... I wasn't inti the Secret Seven much because the public library I frequented did not have a big collection of those series. Tapi Famous Five banyak huhuuuu nostalgia sungguh! I remembered when I was in lower secondary - balik dari public library je, retreat into my room with some asam and apple juice which I picked up at the supermarket on my way back dan layannnnn Famous Five!!