Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Aidil Adha 2008

It's been a long time since I've been to a masjid for solat jemaah.

Even for sembahyang raya.

It's either Little H was not ready.

Or Mr S wanted to be quick because he had to go to work straight after - so the kids couldn't go, therefore I couldn't.

Or we were all late, what with all the prep done the night before - which is a real shame...

But these are not excuses for me to skip the whole thing...I will always just do it at home if I couldn't make it to the masjid...

But that's not the same is it?

Anyway, this raya had been different.

Well, Mr S still didn't get any leave because too many people in his office were off already for some exams...but at least he got a few hours off in the morning for prayers.

And because I didn't prepare anything at all for raya this time - didn't bother because we had two invites that evening and even the day before and Mr S would be working the whole day
anyway - I was well refreshed in the morning and was quite determined to go.'s been so long that the beautiful voice of the imam reciting the verses made me cry.

It was good.

And I felt good.

There was no takbir raya before or after the solat. Just a quick explanation of the solat before we started and the peaceful sermon afterwards in which the imam encouraged us to recite the takbir as much as we can for three whole days..But I thought it was a really good sermon. It wasn't too long and it was clear and concise - about peace and humility.

I realised then that I'm parched for this kind of thing. I mean, really...I've not been to a majlis ilmu for a long, long time. Mr S is lucky as he gets his dosage from the Jumaat prayers.

So I'm thinking maybe I should just go to the mosque on Fridays...I mean, the kids will be at school, the mosque is a mere 10 minutes walk away...and I see women go there on Fridays all the time...

I'm just thinking...maybe I should.

But anyway, after the prayers Mr S went to work and I went straight to the kitchen - I had an order for some lopis and kasui for that evening and I wanted to bake a cake to bring to my friends' later after Mr S comes home - which was at about half six later in the evening and only then,
we finally 'celebrated' raya haji this year with food and friends.

That's all.

But it was a good Aidil Adha to me nevertheless.


Am said...

Is that the mosque in Leyton? I might be wrong.
Selamat Hari Raya

A Mum of Three Mohd said...


It's good to hear that you've enjoyed your Eid-ul-Adha this year.Nampak simple tapi meriah.Itulah nikmatnya ada rakan dan taulan di samping kita. Dapat juga mengubati rindu.Well, have a pleasant day.

D.N.A.S said...

I spent it at my Kampung in Pahang. It was drizzling non-stop and cold. We drove around to the mosque where the qurban took place, went back home and had a few rounds of ketupat and lemang. After that, we crawled under the blankets and slept until some guests came knocking on the front door. Meriah sungguh, kan?

Anonymous said...

Salam Aidil adha to you.

Happy that you'd got to pray at the mosques this year. Perasaannya sangat lain kalau hari raya dimulai dengan solat raya kan. Take care sis.

MelleMello said...

Salam, and Eid Mubarak dear. The day is more meaningful when you spend it with your loved ones, no matter where you are or what you do.

The sermon was in English I presumed? Well, ours were in Arabic, but we had takbir raya before the prayers. Sayu jugak lah...

Salam AidilAdha and take care.