Friday, January 16, 2009

Birthday Lunch

Oh yes..

I forgot to tell you that Mr S also belanja makan for my birthday at the recently opened (well...not THAT recent) Jom Makan restaurant. For those who don't know, the restaurant is a Malaysian fast food restaurant, located just at the corner of the National Gallery, just across from Trafalgar Square.

Here are some of the pics we took:

It was zero degree that day so as we arrived at Trafalgar Square, it was literally freezing and the water in the fountain pools in the square had frozen over!

The kids horsing around in front of the restaurant.

Big H ordered nasi lemak. Although Mr S and I tried to dissuade him - as I just cooked nasi lemak at home a few days before that - he was adamant. Favourite food lah katakan...As you can see, the kids portion was pretty huge and the sambal and rendang tak pedas langsung!

Little H wanted roti canai - which, as you can see, was a disappointment. Not fresh and flat gitu...

And can you see that tall teh tarik glass? We wanted hot chocolate or milo for the kids but they didn't serve them and the only other hot drink (if I'm not mistaken) was Nescafe Tarik. Yang lain semua juice and since it was freezing outside, we gambled on the teh tarik for the kids. Every one of us had one tall glass each and I wasn't surprised when Little H couldn't sleep until 2am that night!

And that satay...Mr S ordered them as a 'main meal' but guess how many cucuk satay he got??


And there wasn't even nasi himpit included! What kind of a meal is that? And it cost £8+ too!

I myself had mee kari (no pic, sorry!). The portion was big but Mr S thought the kari tasted like kari semalam....a bit harsh huh??

Hehehe..kesian chef dia...

These were our desserts.
Puding sagu gula melaka and creme caramel which they made using coconut milk (I think).
They were sweet and these were good!

Oh..I forgot to tell you...During weekends the restaurant is offering free kids meals - we found this out while we were there, actually.

So, the kids' nasi lemak and roti canai were FOC! **BIG grin**

A little bit of help promoting the restaurant there...when we were at the restaurant, there were only 2 other customers...honestly, I would be surprised if the restaurant can stay open for long..

Overall I have to say the food was biasa je lah...nothing special.

I would say Malaysia Hall provides better tasting food and better value too.

But it was an experience and thanks to Mr S for the treat.

We had a great time anyway!


floweRinthedesert said...

hey same thing happened to me on my bday treat last year. Kebetulan wednesday night kids eat FOC! And their meals came in HUGE portion too! Rezeki kan...alhmdlh. :)

wanderlust said...

hiee..we always end up going to malaysia hall or to bonda cafe ..atleast the food's good and prices are not so bad either...

D said...

next time I'm in London, nak gi Halwafy's Cafe la. Bole? *wink*

Ayu said...

yeah you should open a small cafe.. it would be a sure hit!

Anonymous said...

hi. just nak drop a line. a friend of mine went to cover the opening of the restaurant last year, was it by DPM? and according to him, the food sucked big time! so i am not surprised by your comments. btw, the caramel looks good!