Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Little Update's been ages since I last looked upon this blog of mine.

So many things to write about, don't know where to start! I've been busy, of course. But really, I have to remind myself again and again that this blog is important for myself and family, to record our lives and our children's stories and developments - otherwise all the precious moments would just fade away from our memories and finally simply disappear!

Baby N is already 9 mths old now masyaAllah..her favourite food is rice+ fish+carrots+cauliflower cooked until soft and pressed through a sieve. She also loves yoghurt and cheese and likes some cheesy omelette for breakfast! She has yet to crawl but is slowly moving her body and feet now to move around and to get to where she wants. But there's nothing wrong with her talking abilities - she's a magpie through and through, always noisy, yap-yapping and babbling all the time! MasyaAllah. :)

This week is an important week for the boys. It's their madrasah exam once again. Big H is already in class 5 now and Little H in class 4. Mr S is helping them with the memorising and he's been testing them with their surahs, hadeeths etc. when he comes back from work. Hopefully they will do well again this year inshaAllah..

I have problems feeding Little H nowadays - he's such a picky eater! He's gone really thin now that we jokingly call him 'stick boy' sometimes. It's not funny, I know, he NEEDS to eat!! Mealtimes are stressful indeed!

Big H on the other hand has put on some weight. He eats a lot and requests for all types of cheesy food from his poor mum. He's not fat but he's rounder than before - I love to watch him eat!

Alright, this is all the time I have for now. InshaAllah will update with more stories soon!


A Mum Of Three Mohd said...

MasyaAllah... She's so cute. I'm so happy for you. Jaga amanah Allah SWT tu baik-baik, okay?

M3M doakan semoga kehidupan you sekeluarga,dirahmati Allah always.

All the best to the boys in their madrasah exam.

Halwafy said...

Thanks M3M and ameen to your doa!

The boys dah dapat result dah pun for their exam, inshaAllah will report here soon! :)