Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baby Mind Map

I was pregnant when I sat for my 2nd level CFA exam. I only studied 3 months for that exam and I passed it, a lucky thing really – since I could hardly sit on that exam chair without wiping under my knees every few minutes because I was sweating so much (pregnant women tend to feel very hot!) and with the nausea I felt later in the exam when somebody had the gall to vomit in the hall during the exam – as if she had the time to do that with all the writing we had to do in that exam!

My eldest son, who was then in my womb, and now 5 years old, (Alhamdulillah) was actually affected by those 3 months of my studying, memorising notes and drawing mind maps until the wee hours of morning. The reason I know this is because; he likes to memorise things and he likes to learn. And, I just found out – he can draw mind maps!

He was studying the London Underground (Tube) map the other day, in fact he has been studying the map everyday this last week and suddenly came out with this diagram, using the correct colour code of the map; H: Hammersmith & City (Pink line), D: District (Green line), C: Circle (Yellow line) J: Jubilee (Grey line). P: Picadilly (Dark Blue line).

And the rest?

‘What’s this abang?’ I said, pointing at the 2 circles, on the leftside of the smiley face.
‘A 'spotted' spaceship!’ he said proudly.
‘Okay….what about this one?’ I said, pointing at the ‘123’ below the smiley face.


Well, obviously those 2 branches of the mind map have nothing to do with the London Underground. But what the heck.

I guess it’s true what my friend, (who sat for that exam with me but unfortunately did not pass) told me: ‘It’s not fair! You had two heads answering those questions – it’s no wonder you passed!’ Well, I guess she was right. My baby was studying those mind maps with me and helped me with my exams – how else could I have passed that crazy exam?

Simply amazing.


jujuqtpie said...

Oh my! Do you know my friend Mona has this theory that if you were pregnant during your studies, chances are the baby you bring out into this world is very smart?
We really have to do a survey but after reading your post, I am more than half convinced that it might just be true. I mean, look at your son, the boy can draw maps!
I was doing Applied Linguistics and Systemic Functional Grammar was travelling back and forth from Kuantan to KL by bus for classes, and I tell you, one of my Final exam was after my due date! Due date was 9 October and exam was on 11 October 2003! I has to register myself at three different hospitals! Anyway, everyday, I prayed that the baby would come out after my exam, and the irony is he came 11 days later. By then, I was so worried he wanted to stay in forever!
Anyway, I dunno if it has anything to do with the Linguistics subjects but Mikael started talking very early and by age 1, he was already speaking in complete sentences like: I see you! Please, I want mam2 milk.
Only yesterday, he announced he wanted to build a rocket ship to fly to outer space. He's not yet 3. He can joke and make excuses and delay work. Two days ago, he said, "Mommy, I will help Inez to keep the toys after I finish my pizza."
My daughter, on the other hand, started talking after two. She has improved vastly and uses words like frustrated and is able to make up her own stories which are kind of morbid (I believe I am partly to be blamed, haha). So, I guess whenever I compare the two, I am always very amazed that Mika can say the things he says.

Two heads sitting for the exam? Had never thought about it that way...I barely passed one paper, so it could just be all HIM. Haha I remember the amount of sleep I had when I was pregnant and studying.

(Pregnant women as you know tire easily.) :-)

halwafy said...

My kids are just like yours, the second one(2yo) speaks more fluently than the 1st(5yo). But kids are really so bright nowadays, aren't they? - makes you wonder if you're really doing enough to discover their true potential and stimulate their brains...

Thank you for dropping by - are u also the blogger 'working mom' or am I mistaken?