Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ilford Malaysian Fest

As I mentioned in a previous entry, I went to the Ilford Malaysian Fest a few weekends ago - just wanted to share these 2 pics with you.

There was a cultural show during the fest - with some dancers dancing makyong or some other traditional dances. I think there were some male dancers too, with kuda kepang but I didn't wait to see them because I was really there for the food stalls.

But imagine my amusement went I saw the musicians. NOT ONE of them were Malaysian. They were instead dodgy looking mat salehs wearing songkok and baju Melayu - some even looking very much like some rocker melayu in a raya edition URTV with their long curly locks, sun glasses and open necked baju!

It was a funny sight although they played well enough. I suppose they couldn't find any traditional Malay music clubs/ groups here in the UK.

A pity. I should have liked to play that gamelan myself..if only I had known how to.

(as usual, I apologise if the pics are not very sharp - as my normal readers know, I take my pics with my Nokia N70. With enough light, they can turn out quite good, but a slight movement when clicking can reduce the pics to a blur..)


FloweRinTheDesert said...

hi dear!

I LOVE your new template! It's so bright and cheerful. Yellow has that effect on you kan?! ;)

And i particular like your 'I Am Reading' section! That's a brilliant idea! I might just apply that to my 'Fiction At Its Best' site, if you don't mind. ;)

Looking forward to reading your entries in the new template. Refreshing experience duncha think?! ;)


krapus said...

Nice bamboo colour change.. layout easy on the eye too.

halwafy said...

Thank you..glad you guys approve...made the header first (with the Paint program since I'm no expert with photoshop etc.!)and then tried to match with a nice colour for background - decided on this nice bamboo/ antah colour after a few tries.

Loving this new blogging experience and the experience with html!