Monday, September 11, 2006

Two Hoots For Charity

Met with a wonderful sight the moment I stepped out of Stratford Station last weekend. Two men were trying to attract people to give some donation to a children’s hospice by showing off some owls. The brown one was HUGE and did not seem at all like it was losing any beauty sleep (for aren’t these birds nocturnal?) The baby one on the man’s head was closing its eyes most of the time so I assumed it was trying to get some sleep amid all that noise created by the traffic from the road behind us. How so very pretty and wonderful! It certainly attracted a lot of attention for the hospice!


funny bunny said...

subhanAllah, cantik..

when i was little my mother used to call me what phoenetically sounded like "werl-werl". for years and years i thot that it was short for OWL, as though i was keeping her up at night. (i dont remember whether i did)

it turns out that the whole time she was saying WORLD WORLD, coz i was her one and everything la kononnya, her world, to her..

and i found this out when i was almost a quarter century old!


halwafy said...

kih kih...your mother was way ahead of that Mawi guy...