Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tried and Tasted - Banofee Pie

Tried this Banofee Pie recipe from a friend's blog.

My own humble adjustments to the recipe;

For a 9" pie dish, use 300g digestive biscuits, more bananas, not sliced too thin, layered overlapping each other a little (therefore requiring more slices - which is my intention!)

And for the toffee - use a big can. And once boiled for 3 hours, should be used as soon as possible for it to be more manageable. If you decide to use it later, make sure you soften the toffee before you open up the can by boiling the can again for at least 40 mins. And the cream - definitely should be more than what I used on my pie - I used only around 1 cup of whipping cream for that amount in the pic.

Overall, very easy, nice and will definitely try again.


Anonymous said...

aaahh...banofee pie. i remember my hsemistress in burgess hill thought us how to make it. you know what, they sell the toffee here in a can. tak payah boil for 3 hrs!


halwafy said...

Wow...your hsemistress taught you that? The only thing mine taught me is that it's ok to get drunk when all the children are in their beds...heheh...that woman was always drinking and getting drunk at night. Alone in her apartment, which was connected to the girls' house,I think she was a little bored and lonely. Poor Mrs M.