Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Some Snow At Last

Although only around 1.5 inches, the children in this area of London went crazy. Not surprising, since most of the kids who live in this area are from Syria, Zambia, Ethiopia, the middle east and all the other hot weather countries of the world. But seriously, in this part of the UK, everyone is excited about snow because we hardly get any.

My boys were not too happy about the snow. My youngest just touched some with 1 finger and proclaimed that it's too cold for him and my eldest had the wind blown from his sails when he slid and dirtied his gloves while treading through the slush on his way to school. I think I was more excited for them than they were themselves about the whole thing, really.

I remember the first time I saw snow was when I was studying in Scotland - it was in the late evening, already very dark and one of the girls asked for the house mistress' permission (since we were
Malaysian and all and have never seen snow) to go outside in the middle of the night to make a snowman. She relented somehow, perhaps because she was a little tipsy from her evening drinks but she had always been really very nice to us, anyway - so yes, we were allowed a few minutes to go out and play with the snow that night. We were so excited and a little awed by all the snow which was still falling heavily and really acted like children i.e. lying in the snow and all that stuff(!). Then again, we were very young then (we were only 18) and when it came to experiences in snow, of course, we were mere infants!

The most snow I have experienced was about 2 feet deep and that was at that time, in Scotland. I remember the wonderful, wonderful feeling I had, looking at the white fields and white rooftops and especially, especially the white, white trees. They were simply magical. And I remember 1 wintry weekend, when all (or almost all) the Malaysians at our school (we had more than 20 at the time, if I remember correctly) went to the large field in the school compound to play with snow. It was an event which I didn't really enjoy because the boys threw the snowballs hard and fast and some cheeky ones even managed to slip some into other people's shirts!

Ahh..those were the days.


Mrs Cey said...

hmMM kat sini tak snow punnnnn. nama jek scotland heheh.

halwafy said...

Seriously, there's none over there?

But soon, insh, there'll be some. After all, every year it snows in Glasgow...right???(?)

FloweRinTheDesert said...

Aaahhh my favourite season of the year. Yeah i remember the first time i experienced snow falling from the sky. Truly magical indeed. :)

jujuqtpie said...

Sounds nice. Dunno if I'd enjoy the cold though, monsoon season seems cold enough for me. :) But a friend said only her first winter experience was freezing. By the second, she'd adapted to the weather and could walk around without having to put on layers and layers of clothes.

halwafy said...

juju: for me the cold is bearable if I have my gloves on and my chest and ears are covered. I normally wear 3 layers underneath my jacket when I go out during winter - 1 singlet type thing, 1 normal top and 1 cardigan type thing. Nothing too thick because London is not THAT cold. I just want to keep my chest warm to keep my asthma at bay...a scarf would be wonderfully warm too. My tudung helps to keep my ears from freezing - dunno how people can survive without something to cover their heads with!