Sunday, June 03, 2007

What's In A Name..

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Another tag forwarded to me - this one is quite a nice one and frankly, a very do-able one!!

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The Tag Details:
  • PROPOSITION : What is the meaning of your kid'(s) name(s)?
  • REQUIREMENTS : Write about what or how or why you gave the name(s) to your kid(s).
  • QUANTITY: 5 people
  • TAG MODE: Firstly you leave their blog and post link and add to the list below and secondly you let the blogger you want to tag know that he/she has been tagged by commenting in his/her blog or etc
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In deciding the names of our children, Mr S and I have always discussed the options together, and of course, this means that I come up with all the suggestions whereas Mr S vetoes them.

There are some 'rules' that we try to set for ourselves when we name our children - all to which have insisted on, of course, as Mr S is not really fussed as long as the names have good associations and meanings.

The rules are;

1. Must start with the name of our prophet Muhammad SAW
2. The names must have some Islamic historical significance, not just a 'good meaning'.


1. The name chosen for my eldest was chosen very early in my pregnancy and we referred to him by his name even before he was born, as soon as we knew that he was going to be a 'he'. This name was suggested by myself and I was quite adamant because I have always liked this name because of the many nice and good people that I know with this name i.e. my grand uncle who loved me and my siblings to bits and was always kind to us, a kind and funny father of a good friend and also the religious advisor for the Istana Negara, brother of Datuk Harun Din. You can probably guess the name already, huh? Yes, it is H****.

So basically, I chose this name because of the people that we know or know of who has this name, not for its meaning.

But it has a good meaning too - it simply means 'good' although it also has another meaning, which is 'handsome'. In this regard, I prefer to also think that the name is a tribute to my mother in law, whose name is the female version (if you like) of this name, which is Hasnah, meaning good and beautiful - and indeed her name fits her perfectly! I hope and pray that my son's name will be considered 'perfect' for him as well in the future!

For the uninitiated, this name is also the name of the Prophet's grandson, from the union of the Prophet's daughter, Fatimah and Ali - the very same Ali who became the last of the four main caliphs after the Prophet's passing.

2. For our second son, the name was chosen because I greatly admire this person who lived in the times of the Prophet. He was the uncle of the prophet, although he was younger than Him and he was also a fierce warrior, so much so that the Prophet dubbed him 'Asadullah' or the 'Lion of God'. Yes, we named our second son Muhammad H*****, in honour of Saidina H***** Abdul Muthallib.

The word actually, does not have a proper meaning. It is really an old Arab name although many books associate this name with 'lion', no doubt due to the moniker bestowed to Saidina H***** by the Prophet. But again, I was determined to have this name for my son and so yet again, we named our son after a great person, not for the meaning of the name.

But it does not end here, I'm afraid!

There is a third name (LOL) for each of my sons! And that name is really how I came about my own blogger name. So you can easily guess the name, of course, just take away the 'H' from my blogger name...

Yes, it is A*****, with an 'i' not a 'y'. This third name basically means 'the trusted one' and this name was chosen by Mr S as he feels very strongly about this particular trait, and I guess, I agreed to it because I just fell in love with the sound of it!

Thank you DadofFour for forwarding this tag to me. For this tag, I would like to pass it on to only three other people, that is:

1. Dillz
2. Nik Farizah
3. Jujuqtpie

You can choose not to do the tag, of course. But I would loove to know about how and why people name their kids their chosen names so please do kindly satisfy my curiosity!


rd said...


I also find the name "Hasan" very sweet and soothing..

I guess you know that other names which have quite the same meaning is Husin, Husna and HUsni ;)

You hv made a good choice indeed!


waaa...u got it done already. I belum ;P

D said...

H-alwafi-y, hence your blog name. What's the mommy's name, eh?? HeHe... I only know part of it!

nikfarizah said...

yiieehaaa..another TAG. Give me some time to go home and find the book that I've chosen their names from.....cos my daughters have quite a lengthy names.

Mama Sarah said...

i love their names. well done mom n dad.

cutiepie said...

well done .. now i'm curious to know the owner of the blog's name??? *jeling jeling*

Dad of Four said...

Lambat baca...very busy!!! Just your second one more garang than the older one?

halwafy said...

rd: yes, I know about the other names as fact if I want to stick with H, those names will probably be chosen for a future baby...wallahu'alam.

Minah C: Read yours already! Someone I know has a name that starts with Q and everybody ended up calling her just the letter 'Q'!

D: I bet you do! And I can guess yours too from reading the comments on DOF's blog and what our mutual friends call you.. :)

Nik Farizah: Okay..setia menunggu..:)

mamasarah: Thanks..:) Now to wait for a baby girl, perhaps, to get back into the name searching game..:)

Cutiepie: It's in my meta tag. If you googled it, (although you wont coz you don't know, rite?;)) you will get a 22 year old girl with my exact name who works as a designer in Kedah. But if you search for it in Yahoo, you'll get this blog :)

DOF: Yes, there is that difference due to the opposed to Hasan, Hamzah is tough and macho sikit and likes 'fighting' and kicking and 'shooting T-Rex'..he he he...:)

The Blueberry said...

Halwafy, your kids have very simple names. Simple and unpretentious! I like! :-)

Dad of Four said...

I thought so.....Names do play some part in shaping the character of a person (Attended Fadzillah Kamsah's session, which inter alia dealt with names, arranged by my kids' school