Tuesday, May 29, 2007

'Ayam Kuali'

I have had A LOT of request for this recipe and so I will share it, even though Mr S has confided in me his little dream about a restaurant that specialises in these dishes - no doubt due to the very 'healthy' response to the pic of this dish in a previous post and also due to the response of our guests each time I cook this dish.

Not to mention, of course, Mr S's 'healthy' imagination as well!

This dish is mild and best eaten with chapattis, in my opinion. It's delicious and easy, not to mention it does not require the normal coconut milk that we Malaysians just love to put in our dishes..

It's something different. Try it!

Chicken Karhai
(literal translation: 'ayam kuali' - so make sure you use a kuali/wok for this one!)

cooking oil

3 fresh tomatoes, diced

garlic and ginger paste
crushed chillies (looks similar to the ones you get at pizza hut
turmeric powder


Chicken - 4-5 pieces of chicken, cut into small pieces

1-2 Tbs fresh yoghurt

coriander leaves, sliced
green chillies, sliced


Heat up the oil in your wok. Fry the tomatoes, turmeric, salt, ginger and garlic paste and the crushed chillies. Stir a little and fry on medium fire until the juice of the tomatoes dries up a bit - add chicken.

Cook the chicken on high fire for 2-3 minutes and then cover, on low fire until the chicken is thoroughly cooked. Don't forget to turn the pieces over once in a while!

Increase fire. Add fresh yoghurt. Stir for 2-3 more minutes. Add the sliced coriander leaves and sliced green chillies. Stir for another few minutes.

Done! That was easy, wasn't it?

Good luck in trying and hope you LOVE it!


Mama Sarah said...

your recipe sounds much simpler than my Indian cookbook. will definitely try your ayam kuali :)

Afif said...

Ah I'm sure Martha Stewart would have been proud of you :)


Long last...can try this for the weekend. Thks.

fara-k said...

just wanna share with you something..this one i learned from my hubby's cuz who is a pakistani. if you want your chicken to smell a little smoked, heat a piece of charcoal until you can see a little ash and it can continue burning by itself...then, place the charcoal on a piece of bread which you put on the chicken dish and cover with lid. let the smoke permeate around the kuali and voila! you'll have a great tasting and smelling chicken kerahi!

Along said...

Coriander leaves cakap melayu apa? Hahahahaha...serious, tak tau ni.

Minggu ni takleh cuba sebab balik melaka ada wedding. Next weekendlah. I'll let you know how much of a disaster I made when I try this.

halwafy said...

mama sarah and minah celoteh: good luck..though you both probably wont be needing it :)

afif: LOL! She needs to learn a thing or two from the friend who taught me this recipe...:)

fara-k: thank you for the tip! Nak kena beli charcoal nampak gayanya :) I noticed you wrote 'kerahi' - I guess that's how they spell it? Because me, I simply wrote what I heared was pronounced by my Pakistani friend LOL!

Along:Coriander leave (kalau tak silap) is daun ketumbar - looks similar to daun sup but has a strong smell...without it, tak jadi kak..so better find it!

Adlina said...

snab, coriander leave = daun ketumbar alrite. how do i know this? was a housewife what for first 2 yrs of marriage. tergezut jap... hahhahaha... the chicken looks so shedapppp....


halwafy said...


Thanks for the confirmation. WAS a housewife?? You working now?

Adlina said...

snab, me workin now. been working since july last yr. hard to get desired job here with unemployment rate at 40% and with affirmative action going on (blacks only). doing accounts...aiya...first time ok. finally get to apply what i learnt in school, a levels, degree n acca!

post more food pics! might try this recipe tomorrow. keep well.

MyPeriukBelanga said...

ish kalau dah sedap, usahkan kata kuali, dengan kawah2 skali i pakai youuu..sedap kalu makan ngan roti nan kan..*slurrpp*

D said...

tak nak resepi.. nak makan yang u masak boleh???? (mengada jap!)

halwafy said...

eddy: congrats on getting a job over there :) Insh will post food pics, as long as I am still cooking daily! LOL!

myperiukbelanga: Hehe...kita selalu masak in small portions je..almaklumlah 4 beranak aje :) Hmm..belum try dgn nan lagi..lain kali insh!

D: hehe..sila dtg kerumah D bila2 turun London...insh boleh masak kan ;)

The Blueberry said...

I don't really fancy Indian/Mamak/Pakistani/Middle Eastern/Arab that kind of food lah, but since you've been mentioning it so many times and it does look sedap (actually I tengah lapar nie), so rasa macam nak try lah. And because I can't cook to save my life so I have no imagination whatsoever when it comes to cooking, can I ask you if I can replace the crushed chillies with serbuk cili? I tak tau nak cari crushed chillies kat mana. Thanks.

halwafy said...

blueberry: I'm not really sure but you probably can - with different results, of course. Bear in mind that this dish is supposed to be pretty mild, but you can really do whatever you want when you cook your own food!

cuya said...

hmmm... will definitely try this one, nampak sedap and tak susah nak masak. Sorry, curi resipi...hehehe...Have been reading your blog for quite some time. Tak ingat dpt link from where...

-another malaysian housewife in london

PrincessJournals said...

im new to ur blog. got to kno abt this blog thru beribiru's blog.
anyways, ur chicken looked so sedap and simple to make. nanti bila i beli ayam w tulang (since mat saleh ni kan suka sgt boneless) i nak try ur recipelah ok?

a.m.a said...

I've tried this recipe twice..two thumbs up! bahan2 senang nk cari kat London ni.. :-) keep posting more easy recipes.. thanks!..