Friday, May 11, 2007

Another Tag...

Blogger Nik Farizah has tagged me, in retaliation for the time I tagged her (no use denying it!)..

So here goes..

1) How often do you shower?

Back in Malaysia, twice a day. Over here it depends on the seasons...he he he..

2) How often do you make up your bed?
Every morning, just before my youngest and I jump back onto it to play dominoes or to do his 'lessons'...

3) How often do you wash your car?
I don't. A car washer does that for us and even that, not frequent enough. Ours is an old Honda Civic which should probably be scrapped soon due to the MOT requirements - unfortunate, because the engine still works brilliantly.

4) How often do you sweep/mop the floors?
Sweep: probably twice a week. Mop: Whenever I feel my floor needs it.

5) How often do you shower your pets?
Not applicable. No pets what so ever - except perhaps a 'Wonderpet' - my youngest loves that show and loves to sing the song.."Lily, Tuck and Ming Ming too..." he he he.

6) How often do you see the dentist?
Back in Malaysia, I used to go every six months without fail to do some scaling..but over here....

7) How often do you buy perfume?
I opened the bottle cap of my current perfume, a half full bottle of 'Romance' by Ralph Lauren (I only have one bottle of the 'more expensive' range at a time, the Body Shop ones don't really count - or do they?) and found that there is green stuff under there...yikes! No..I don't buy perfumes - Mr S usually does that for me and only when the previous bottle is finished. He does the same for himself. I like to stick to a certain scent but really, I hardly put on any perfume at all.

8) How often do you go for manicure & pedicure?
Have only been to a manicure and pedicure once in my life...

9) How often do you go to a spa?
Never ever...not really my kinda thang..

10) How often do you go shopping?
Shopping for groceries - once a week, or sometimes not even that because we order online. I buy a lot of stuff online; ebay, Amazon and other specialty sites. Other than that - not very often.

11) How often do you travel out of your country?
Out of the UK? Well, I did go to Barcelona 2 years ago, just before the children and I joined Mr S here..but no..not since then. We're here on a mission. Therefore, need to concentrate!

12) How often do you have sex?
Blardy hell...ini pun mau tanya ka??!!


And with that, I would like to tag..


The buck stops here...:)


Afif said...

Aw camon! We wanna know all the horny details for #12..


cutiepie said...

LOLOL at #12 ..

D said...

be a sport, #12?? HaHaHa.. Initially didn't think much of it but after afif & cutiepie's comments, I'm all curious now.

halwafy said...

Afif:Hey, you're too young to read about MY horny details, my friend...better luck next time ;)

Cutipie: LOL ;)

D: Okay, D I tag you lah to do this one..camna?? You tell first and then me...he he he...

Afif said...

Hey my teacher says it's never too early for some education!


I like the answer to #13 hehehe