Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm Sorry I Forgot!

Our wedding anniversary this year had a lovely, lovely date:

And I forgot all about it!

Really do feel like crying...

Mr S remembered but PURPOSELY kept me in the dark because he wanted to surprise me with a gift and he didn't have time to buy one on the day or before that because it was an extended weekend and he had to study at home for his exams and most shops were closed anyway....(phew! that was a long sentence!)

*Excuses, excuses.

Anyway, if I had remembered, I would have at least cooked something nice for him (since I have no money whatsoever to buy him something nice instead - what's the point of it if I buy and he pays for it, right??

Instead, on that fateful day, I was feeling tired and lazy and there was some leftover lauk masak kurma in the pot and I just added some chicken into it!!!!

In fact, Mr S was the one who suggested it because he knew that I was just too lazy to cook that day!


I do feel very, very guilty over it but I blame him as well for not reminding me about it AND THEN, rubbing in the fact that I forgot our anniversary and only 'masak lauk kurma semalam tambah ayam je' for him on the special day!


And he had to buy me that very nice card too, on top of the gift. He really made me feel quite miserable and very, very guilty yesterday!

Because Mr S will be reading this, I would like him to know that I AM SORRY for forgetting such a significant date in our lives and I wish him too, a very Happy Anniversary and I hope that he can forgive me.

(In future, if Mr S doesn't want to be disappointed, please set aside any temptation to surprise and just inform me so that we would at least have a good anniversary dinner, huh?)

Right. I am not really one for love poems but I found this particular one on the net that strikes a particular chord...

So here it is, to you, my horrible but lovely, my darling Mr S...

The Love of My Life
by Manda E I

You've been patient and I thank you a lot,
because very few people seem to have what we've got.

It took a long time to be really sure,
but I am the ailment and you are my cure.

Love without you is a life without love,
like living on earth without the heavens above.

Love without you, is a day without time,
a million years pass and the sun never shines.

My love for you can hardly be told,
It's something you feel but can't ever hold.

Among all these words what I am trying to say,
Is, 'I love you', in that very special way !!


Mama Sarah said...

Happy (belated) anniversary!

halwafy said...

Thank you mama sarah..:)

nikfarizah said...

Such a beautiful touching!! Well, Happy anniversary...yang ke berapa??

Along said...

Happy belated birthday. :D.

I bet you had a lot of "making up" to do, right? *wink, wink*

FloweRinTheDesert said...

happy anniversary my dear. maybe u can make it up to him in other ways apart cooking. heh ;)


Hepi belated anniversary....May both of your lives be filled with more heart warm love all throughout the years

halwafy said...

Thank you all for your wishes..:)

Nik Farizah: Yg ke-7. Doa2 there's no '7 year itch'...nau'zubillah!

Along: You're right..but what's wrong with your eye?? he he he :)

Flowerin: Hey you! Lama tak nampak..Hope you're feeling better? Thanks for the wish:)

Minah Celoteh: Amin! Thanks, for that little prayer :)

cutiepie said...

happy anniversary!!! (yg ke berapa tahun?)

nong@kween said...



jujuqtpie said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! It's sweet that ur hubby surprised you. Bukannye senang right? Coz usually it's the females who are more alert. He must be very pleased with himself. Just enjoy the moment...don't feel so bad about forgetting. :)

wan said...

Happy anniversary mate....errrr cute lah the no no takde 7 year itch lah...dun worry....with a great wife like u fuh....entah2 wife dia pulak yg menjadi rebutan

halwafy said...

cutiepie: Thanks! :) It's our 7th already!

nong: Thank you kawan..komen le selalu2 lagi ;)

jujuqtpie: Actually, between my husband and I it's always terbalik i.e. he always remembers and he's the one who's more particular about things it is no surprise lah sebenarnya...very bad of me huh???????? sob sob..!

However, he really did love the poem I put up in this entry..:) So at least there's that..

wan: hello there..thanks for your kind praises but...nau'zubillah lah either one of us create any problems, 7 year itch or not!!! Herk..!!And I definitely would feel doubly bad if it were to be ME who caused them!!

God forbid!!