Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Burnt Cake

Did I not say that I am an amateur cook?

In that were 3.5 packets of Philadelphia Cheese and 7 eggs plus all the other good stuff.

It was all my fault, you know - I read the instructions wrongly and turned the temperature knob to 200 degrees C instead of the stated 200 degrees F, which converts to around half of that in Celcius, I think.

!£$^"%$£!^%$"!!!F&*^%$%$£"!, %$£"$"£!%^!

When I smelled something burning from the oven I quickly, very quickly - in fact, in a flash, realised my mistake. It was, of course, too late for me to do anything and I was at the verge of crying and thrashing everything at the same time. I felt so angry with myself that later on, after softly muttering a variety of curses (I AM from Melaka after all, you must remember..), I threw the storybook that I was reading, at my bed room door no less, for the desired maximum BANG effect.

Never did like throwing things when I was angry.

I always thought it as childish, somehow. But I understand the need for some people to do it when they're consumed with wrath - better the vase than someone's face, right? Still, I've always hated what to me, is just a particularly brand of childish behaviour.

Saying that, I had to do something. I warned Mr S of what I was going to do prior to that and he gave me the permission to throw the book, which of course, was one that he paid for, so err, I thought it would be nice if he gave me his permission...

"Pa, aku tension lah..rasa macam nak baling lah buku ni...boleh tak?"
"Ha..baling lah...meh aku tangkap.."

I think he was trying to be funny at the time - to help me relax a bit, perhaps. Plus he was also growing rather tired of listening to my complaints about that particular book anyway.

And so, that particular book went air borne.

Of course, the 'maximum effect' came out only as a very dull thud because the book only made it to a pile of Mr S's files and books on the floor. But still, it gave me some satisfaction.

Guess I am really just an immature amateur.

Just in case you're wondering..the cake was edible and it tasted quite good underneath all that carcinogenic black layer. I also made some fresh strawberry sauce for it even though fresh strawberries trigger my asthma - just for the kids.

So at least, there's that.


dillazag said...

Ibah, Kelakar, kelakar, kelakar.. You made me laugh out loud in my SAP training course! Terkantoi baca blog! Very tak professional! wakakakakaka

Along said...

Hehehehe..tak tahan, nak ngamuk pun kena minta permission tu. Bagus betul, isteri mithali. :D

I would never throw a book, I love them too much. Usually my kids' soft toys kena baling...kot kena muka org pun, tak sakit. Hehehe..

hazyr said...

I once threw a special (back then la) picture frame straight to a wall... Gave me the satisfaction for a few seconds then couldn't stand looking at the mess.. so tengah melalak2 tu still ambik penyapu and cleaned up the shattered glasses!

Hehe.. feeling really stupid thinking about it now but yup, those were the dark days :)

D said...

Hey, why didn't you throw that burnt-but-delicious cake to me in Coventry?? Haiyaaa.... hentam saja la!

M-O-M said...

without reading and just looking at the burnt cake i swear i know it must be delicious...haiyaa...now u make a pregnant mum crave for something very very difficult to get...

halwafy said...

dillazag: Hey apa yg kelakar sgt ahh??? Sabar je lah..orang tension cake rosak nih...;P

Along: Bukan isteri mithali - just buku tu dia yg belikan..and Lord knows we're not rich - nak beli buku pun kena mintak permission, apa tah lagi nak baling buku ye tak?? :)

Hazyr: Hey..glad you got over that dark period..:)

Kesian and kelakar jugak bila imagine the scene you described..:) Lain kali tapi, jgn baling kaca kak..bahaya..;)

D: Heheh..throw it over to Coventry?? It would have just reached my kitchen door and I would probably be crying when I'm cleaning THAT mess!

M-O-M: Seriously,I can fwd to you the recipe and you can do exactly what I did to make it turn out EXACTLY like that!! :)

I wouldn't recommend it though..the cake would turn out lovely, I think , without the burnt top...I do so want to try the recipe again...but I am restricting my diet a bit at the moment!