Saturday, April 28, 2007

Picnic Pics

Mr S laying down the plastic mat for the picnic.

Time to eat! Feeding the boys fried tagliatelle (kuey teow substitute!) and chicken nuggets.

The boys were quite, quite hungry.

Enough eating! Time to play ball! Next to the picnic basket: the never forgotten teh panas and my youngest's favourite drink: air soya Yeo's.

The bike and trike on the grass beside the mat - forgotten for awhile while the boys played football.

One more cycle around the park before it was time to go home.


D said...

oooh.. picnic from real picnic basket! Must do that too, to picnic English style.. (my food is chucked into Tesco carrier bags..tsk! tsk!). We went kite-flying - will post pictures up in next entry!

Along said...

I miss the picnics my family used to have when we were staying in Sheffield. Malaysia is just too hot to enjoy a whole day picnic.
Unless kat waterfall.


the park misty and suasana very calming eh...nice ;)

halwafy said...

D: Hey..tak syok lah picnic with plastic bags!! Try the basket 'method' - gives that 'proper' feeling and makes a housewife like me feel a little proud of myself! he he he..

Along: You're right..kat waterfall pun bosan jugak kadang2 sebab ada byk insects...ugh..I hate mosquitoes!

But really, these picnic trips really do make me feel happy and 'content'. It is indeed, to me, quality time spent with my family. If I were in Msia mesti tak tahu nak buat apa...

Minah celoteh: Yes, it does look misty in the pics, although it wasn't really that when we were there. But it was indeed, really, really nice..:)

MyPeriukBelanga said...

cantik bakul piknik ibah... :)