Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Terms

"Dah, dah..pergi naik atas, mama nak kemas ni sikit and then I'll go up to solat.."

"Okay mom, I'm going to take my wudhu' in the toilet!" (That was Abang)

"I want to take my Oodoo too!" (That was the little one)

"It's WOO-dhu', not OOdoo!"(Abang again, correcting his little brother..)

5 minutes later, Mama was still finishing 'a little bit of this' and 'a little bit of that' downstairs. Suddenly the Little One came down to ask a question..

"Mama, where is your solat outfit?"

Solat outfit?? Oh...It's upstairs lah.." (Didn't even bother to correct because essentially, he was not wrong..)

"Are you going to wear your
solat outfit when you want to solat?"

"Of course, sayang..now, go upstairs, please.."

10 mins later - upstairs, finally..

"Mama...I need my solat carpet to pray!" (The Little One again, as usual.. )

"Solat carpet???!!" (Laugh..)

It's not that I don't speak Malay at home, you know.

My children just refuse to learn and speak the language!
And they (especially the little one) create their own terms (which are completely correct and logical, by the way!) for words that are more difficult to say like telekung and sejadah etc....

*Sigh* Macam-macam budak-budak ni...

Note: the Pic above was taken by the boys themselves using the timer on my digicam.


Ayu said...

It's nice to look at simple words like 'telekung' and 'sejadah' from a fresh perspective. Now, every time I wear a telekung I will say that I'm wearing my solat outfit. haha...

halwafy said...

He he..mak pun geli hati dgr...I called her tadi :)

Anonymous said...

haha comel la the boys :)