Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tube Bloop

The tube was packed full.

None of us got a seat except for my youngest who was comfortably sitting in his stroller from the start and this doesn't count! Everyone who didn't trust themselves not to sway and tumble tried to grab hold of the yellow coloured beams available inside the train. We were standing next to the doors, Mr S was standing beside me and my eldest was standing right in front of me, holding on to the stroller and the beam next to it while the underground train sped to the next station.

I was looking at the beam of hands in front of me when I saw Mr S's fingernails. They were long and albeit they looked clean, were haphazardly cut - typical of Mr S's nails, I thought - he doesn't know how to clip his nails in a smooth and rounded line. They were really quite, quite appalling.

And so I couldn't resist.

I gave his hand that was holding the beam a little slap and shouted above the din;
Eii... Panjangnya kuku!"

We always speak Malay when we go out - obviously so that other people won't understand what we're saying. This poses a little bit of a problem however, because my youngest doesn't really understand the language or at least, he acts like he doesn't understand - so we always need to revert back to English whilst speaking to him. Anyway, back to the story..)

And then he looked at me, his eyes dancing, "Tu bukan tangan aku lah!"

And there was another pair of eyes also looking at me - to whom the hand I just slapped belonged to!

Just then, the train slowed down to stop at a station and I quickly looked away, my face hot, and moved around to give way to other people who were leaving or coming in.

Mr S stifled his laugh until we reached our station which was the next one and then he burst out laughing, to my utmost annoyance.

"That's something you should write in your blog!" he said, laughing.

So here it is..


Dad of Four said...

Ha Ha Ha..That's funny. It happened to me a couple of times talking to someone whom I thought was my friend.....Malu lepas tuh!

The Blueberry said...

Waaaakakakakakaaaaaa waaaaakakakakakakaaaa totally, absolutely hilarious without a doubt!!! I can totally imagine a red-faced woman huhuhuuuuu!!!! BTW did you apologise to the owner of the hand?

FloweRinTheDesert said...

was it a he or a she? oh dear...kelakarnye!!!

Yan said...

K.Ibah!! Saw u on K.Dilla's blog!! Excited betul!! Your boys are SO cute!!! Really enjoyed your blog..terasa rindu cos teringat ur style when u story2, with ur face and all..hehe..take care there! I'll def be back..:)

Along said...

Mak ai, maulnya!! Hahahaha...beleive me, ur hubby will never let u live this down. I've been in similiar situations. Got into the wrong car coming out from the bank, siap mencarut2 sebab bank ramai org. Wondering jugak whylah hubby tak drive off when I got in, tengok2 sebelah mamat cina ni dok eyeing me dengan penuh syak wasangka. Huh!! B4 I got out sempat le komen, sorry ah, thot u were my hubby. hahahaha..malunya!!

dillazag said...

Ala mak eee... malunya.... I agree with Along, he'll never let you livethis down.. Dang!

halwafy said...

DOF: Hehehe..I have been in such situations too! But I quickly realise, apologise and walk away in haste..tak malu sangat lah..;)

Blueberry: Nope I didn't apologise! The packed tube didn't exactly provide me with an opportunity to do that. But I really didn't care (ramai sangat orang lah!) and I think the man knew that it was just an honest mistake :)

Flowerin: It was a man, of course! With long fingers just like Mr S's...hmm..come to think of it,his fingers, although long didn't look like Mr S's at all could I make such a mistake???

Yan:Thank you for dropping by Yan! believe it or not it's not the first time that somebody has said that about my entries - they can imagine exactly how I would tell it in person!

You take care too ye :) Hope you're enjoying your new life down under!

Along: Hehe..agak malu lah jugak your malu story tu..but I think a few people jugak have had this kind of experience..tu la..banyak sangat kereta kat KL tu!;)

Dilla: hehe..believe it or not he has never mentioned it again. I think the incident was merely amusing to him but to me, it's a scar for life!