Friday, April 13, 2007

TMHL is 1!

This blog turned 1 year old last month but I forgot all about it.

Actually, I remembered about two weeks before the actual date but somehow it escaped my mind on the actual date.

March 27, 2006 was the date this blog was born.

Walking down memory lane, I feel that much has happened since I first blogged. My topics have evolved and my writing style, I feel, has changed to one that is less formal and more relaxed. My readership has also increased - much to my amazement and of course, pleasure.

If I do not update this blog daily, please do not lose thy faith in me for I am only a humble housewife, thus, I have not many stories to tell. But tell them I will once I have them sorted out in my brain which is unfortunately rusty and needs a lot of oiling.

Thank you, thank you my dear readers, whoever you are for reading this domesticated blog of mine.

Peace be with you and God bless.


Dad of Four said...

Looking forward to may postings ahead! Happy 1st Anniversary!

M-O-M said...

TMHL!!! happy anniversary! i slice of cake is not enough for all your readers la!!!! we want at least some cinnamon rolls, wantan sup, milano chicken what'snot...and carrot cake definitely!

halwafy said...

d-o-f: Thank you :)

m-o-m: Wish I could make all that for my readers back in M'sia, I really do..;)

FloweRinTheDesert said...

YOU'RE WELCOME!!! hehehe

Happy 1st Birthday TMHL!!! :D

Wow tak sangka dah one year dah kan? How fast time flies...!

cp1 said...

happy 1st BIGday TMHL .. more to come and many more to share