Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Weekend Routine

Just some updates for my family and friends.

We have decided that going to the park on Saturdays will be a weekly thing because my eldest needs to practice cycling his bicycle (still with training wheels) and we'll also have a picnic there to spend more quality family time outdoors.
Last weekend I made some nasi ayam and brought it in the picnic basket and had our dinner at the park at around 6pm (sun sets at 8pm+ nowadays) after which Mr S, the boys and I kicked some football. And then we went for a nice walk around the park and went back home tired but happy.

We had a wonderful time, alhamdulillah.

Also the boot sales have started again now and we like to go (actually, the kids hate it and Mrs S is indifferent - I'm the only one who really looves it) to look around for good and interesting stuffs. I like to look for toys, books and kids' clothes in these boot sales. The boot sales are normally on Sundays so that basically makes our weekends 'full'.

In order to do the above we need to do our grocery shopping beforehand and we've decided that ordering online (Tesco's) is best. We've done this many times before but only when we've got other unavoidable plans for the weekend but now I think it is a permanent thing. Believe me, it is very, very de-stressing to get all your shopping delivered to your door instead of going to the supermarket, braving the trolley traffic jams and all the queueing. I totally recommend it if such a service is available to my readers!

Just some more pics taken last weekend at the park and a boot sale using my Sony Ericsson K800i hp:

A nice one of my eldest at the boot sale at Lee Valley, near Chingford.

Look at the blossoms on those trees!

Following the narrow lane beside the fields at the park.

My youngest was not too pleased at the boot sale. "Let's go home mama!"

Waiting for me to push his trike.

Where we sat for the picnic. (Can't show the rest of the picnic pics, sorry.)

Trying out Abang's bike - it's time to get him his own!


D said...

yup, sundays are CBS days (car boot sale). It's good that you limit parks on Saturdays only. For us, when the weather's good, and there's nothing much to do, then it's park day. Enjoy the sun in London!

Ayu said...

i wish i could order groceries online and have 'em delivered to my flat.. i malas nak pegi those huge malls just to shop.. the parking, the trolleys the people, the rowdy kids... so stressful...

nikfarizah said...

ooohhh...i just love car boot sale, wish i could join you searching for cheap yet like new branded toys, books...antique...etc. Bila lah boleh pergi lagi????