Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Subconscious Memory

Mr S has been using the 'favourites' folder in my youtube account to keep his favourite songs, from our younger years.

Examples of these songs are:

Cintamu Mekar Di Hati - May

Memburu Rindu - Hattan

And others like:

Sentuhan Kecundang - Ekamatra
Dari Sinar Mata - Bumiputra Rockers
Bayangan Gurauan - Rahmat
(Mr S insisted that I make a longer list, by the way, to which I had vehemently refused, of course!)

I will always come out with some sort of barb to show my contempt of his choice of songs - the rock kapak genre, they call it I think, although even this term is pretty new to me, so I am not sure if I'm using it correctly.

He sat in front of the pc for many hours searching for these songs - using up my valuable blogging hours - trying to recall the titles of these songs and the many bands of that time.

And then saving it all in MY account. Ugh..

I had fun 'sneering and ridiculing' (or in more polite terms, mercilessly teasing) Mr S who just grinned and ignored my taunts and kept on asking me whether I remembered this band and that band, to which my answer would be a firm NO!

But of course!

Hmmm....funny thing. With all the sarcasm that gushed from my mouth and my exaggerated show of contempt, to my utter surprise and not to mention absolute annoyance, each time Mr S clicks on a particular utterly repugnant and detestable song and making a great show of 'singing' each song, I somehow was able to 'join' him and even corrected his ever so often self made and impromptu lyrics. In fact I ended up singing most of the songs myself!

But, but, but........HOW??

I think, although I have never really shown any interest in most of these songs, I have subconsciously memorised these songs because I constantly heard them on the radio/tv at the time the songs were popular. And I hardly watched tv during those days at boarding school and I didn't even own my own radio until the last few months of school. Perhaps I heard them from other people's radio in our dormitory and probably subconsciously listened to other people singing them too.

Mr S just looked at me as if he knew it all along.

We just ended up singing the songs together in front of the pc, with me asking Mr S to 'play it again' when I thought we really sang a certain song well, in a duet.....



I know what u mean. My hubby is a fan of hard rock while I'm not. But when he play those songs, I seemed to b able to recall the tune & lyrics..dpd mana tau pun tak ingat.

Dad of Four said...

I know that era.....How can you not memorise it when the radio stations then kept pushing those rock songs! Those were the days when rock ruled!

halwafy said...

minah celoteh: I used to listen to rock myself, like aerosmith and stp but somehow I just couldn't get the Malay ones...and even the english ones I can't remember their lyrics 100%!

DOF: I guess you're's just hammered into our heads huh - whether we like it or not! Those were the days..:)

Lily said...

It reminds me of our old days back in school. Form 1 - 3!!