Tuesday, August 07, 2007

For The Record...

Just a few things that my sons have said, to amuse our family who will be reading this back in Malaysia...


Nearing the end of a Muqaddam session...

Mama: Wassalaam...

H1: What does that mean, mama?

Mama: Err...it means, 'The End'.

H1: Then 'Bismillahirrahmaanirrahim' means 'Once Upon a time?'

In a superstore...

H1: Yuck!...Look at that statue - it's not wearing anything!

Mama: Yeah?..Don't look then...(eyes wide looking at all those clothes on sale and couldn't be bothered..)

H2: But mama, it's wearing something just like you're wearing...these rounded things.! (while raising his hands high and squeezing my breasts, right in the middle of the shop!)

Mama: Hey!! (Face hot)


Mama: Who put all these bits of papers in my shoes?

H2: I did.

Mama: Why??

H2: Because..yesterday, somebody put them in MY shoes, so now I'm putting them in YOUR shoes...

Mama: *Ish..dah dia kena, nak kenakan orang lain pulak budak ni...*


H2: Mama, Vitamins are made from letters..

Mama: What do you mean?

H2: Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C......

H2: When I'm big, I want to be a T-Rex!

H2: What's poo made of?


H2: But I don't want to mandi again..I already mandied in the morning!


A few weeks ago, while putting on my son's nappy before he went to sleep...

Mama: H****h, you're a big boy, you cannot wear nappies at night anymore, you know..

H2: But mama, I didn't put it on myself - YOU did!

Mama: *Aiyo! Salahkan kita pulak!!*

Because of this 'observation' of his, I realised that I didn't give him a real chance to prove
himself (although I always talked to him about it and always took him to the toilet before his bedtime, I still used to put his nappy on nonetheless and he will always have 'used' that nappy by morning) and so, the next nightonwards I didn't put on his nappy for him. After that, although there were some wet mornings and nights and a lot of crying because he had wet his bed (he felt guilty and kept on apologising, saying "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to do it!" while he cried), I am happy to say that he has now officially left his nappy nights for good..:)


While giving me a kiss in the morning - in my room which is the first place he goes to when he wakes up each morning..

H2: Mama..I like Papa..but I don't like Papa's smell..

Mama: LOL!


FloweRinTheDesert said...

hahahaha...u shld compile all these quips and publish kat readers digest or sumfin. ;)

jaylina said...

I was abt to suggest the same. U'll make money too.
When i was training my son not to wear nappy at nite, i used to pour some water on his bud whenever i noticed he wet his bed. The first time i did, I poured warm water n he seemed comfortable wt it. So for the second time, i used cold water. He suddenly woke up and said...mama...mama. Hujan!hujan turun. I can't stop laughing.

mudpie said...

LOL!!! the first 1st conversation was really funny .. ii went speechless


Mama Sarah said...

cute, cheeky and charming boys!

mynn said...

LOL !!!

D said...

children say the most charming things! I lurve the first one - so original and it tells us how much the mommy reads to them. Kudos!


The 'When I'm big' convers reminds me of my daughter's....

'Ibu,ayah...When I grow up, I want to be a princess'

this is due to too much reading of Disney Princess books :^/