Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend pics..


'Big baby' relaxing at the park, on the new mat sent to us by my mother and my sister Ayu from Malaysia by express delivery - Thank You!

Mmm..I love to drink juice!

Mr S teaching our eldest to ride the bike without training wheels..

Ok...keep pedalling..try to balance!!!

Mama also had a go trying to teach Big H while another small person keeps on disrupting the lesson..

I'm thirsty after all that bike riding...

Tell you what..I can get us some ice creams...Accio ice cream!

"Huh? I'm under-aged and can't use magic to get ice cream??"

Little H: "Told ya I can magic some ice creams..."
Big H: "Yeah..whatever..just finish yours quickly before Papa does HIS magic and makes the ice creams disappear...!"


A picnic with friends by the river Thames at Henley, Oxfordshire..

The adults relaxing after nasi lemak, lasagne, hotdogs and home baked cookies.

The children, a little shy at first to play together..

Not for long though..let's play tag!
You can see my eldest (Big H), wearing the red jacket and facing the river - alone and not joining in as usual. He's slow to warm up to other children, unlike my youngest, Small H
(in the orange jacket). BTW, the boy in the yellow T-shirt is actually 3 years older than Small H and the little boy wearing blue shoes is actually his age!! 'Small H' is not so small compared to his peers!

A river pic...a couple in a boat - rowing slowly but steadily..

Some other people on the river, this time going fast with the help of motor..

The children walking towards a children's playground along the river...took this pic for the nice background view.

A wonderful weekend indeed!


mudpie said...

good view, good weekend and good company too!!! hope mine gonna be the same :)

happy another good weekend!!!

halwafy said...

Thanks there mudpie...but it has been a rainy and dreary weekend so far..hope you're enjoying your weekend more than we are over here!

Zakiah said...


singgah jap kat sini from D's blog. Merdeka kat coventry la nampaknyer yer??