Friday, November 30, 2007

Stitches For Mr S

Mr S announced that he had a lot of things to do at work on Friday last week, just before he left in a rush to catch the bus to the tube station.

Not 5 minutes after Mr S went out the door, there was an urgent knock on it.

Through the misty glass window on the door, I saw a man standing there - from the silhouette it looked like Mr S but he was standing awkwardly so I hesitated, uncertain. Then he knocked again, louder, so I opened the door slowly to peek out..

Mr S was standing there, his mouth looking raw and bloody, while his left hand was cupped at his chin, trying to catch the blood drops and his chin look like somebody swung a strong right hook at it. His bottom lip had begun to swell and his teeth were bloody too.

"Ya Allah..What happened? Ada orang pukul kau ke?"
I asked, totally and utterly shocked.

But Mr S just kept quiet and walked straight into the kitchen.

"You should have seen the other guy.." was what Mr S was supposed to say but it turned out that the story was not so exciting after all.

Mr S was running for the bus. He just turned around the corner and saw the bus coming so he ran as quickly as he could towards the bus stop about 40 metres away. There was a very old granny walking slowly in front of him and Mr S was just about to overtake her when suddenly the old lady uncharacterisctically turned and swerved very suddenly and very quickly to the right, straight into Mr S path.

Mr S, being the good man that he is, immediately tried to swerve too, in order to avoid a collision with the old lady which can only spell disaster for such an old veteran - to Mr S's own detriment.

He lost his balance and fell face first onto the pavement!

Poor Mr S!

He felt a little dizzy after that fall and he just lied down while I tried to clean the wound with some warm water. Nothing works better than butter on lip wounds so after a few minutes, the swelling receded and we saw how bad the wound really was.

We ended up going to the hospital and Mr S had to have 6 stitches on his bottom lip on top of a tetanus jab which is advisable for such wounds, according to the doctor who treated him.

Suffice to say, Mr S didn't get to go to work and do all the things that he planned to do at work on that day after all!

I thank God that it was just six stitches and not a concussion or anything more serious than that!

But still, poor Mr S!


Nomee said...

Ala... poor Mr.S. Tapi betul lah. Nasib baik tak pengsan kat tengah jalan.

D said...

Oh dear... what a souvenir to bring back home!! Hope it doesn't affect his smile though!

The Blueberry said...

La... Lama you tak letak post tetiba ada cerita Mr. S accident pulak. Kesiannye...

BTW kenapa Mr. S naik bas? Lepas kereta you all kena langgar dulu dah tak pakai kereta ke sekarang?...

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah, nasib baik bibir jer, ada hilmah tu, sabarla...
mak ety

Anonymous said...

Though I feel sorry for Mr S, its a disgusting pic to put on a blog

Afif said...

That is soo last year ;)

hazyr said...

6 stiches.. that must be a deep cut he got there.

Anyway, was told that you're back in Malaysia for a holiday so enjoy the break and eat as much as you can :)

Happy new year!