Monday, March 17, 2008

The Mother's Day Cards

Didn't have time to put up these pics of the cards my sons gave to me on Mother's day. They were done at school as one of the activities organised by their teachers on that day.

From Big H:

From Little H:

(the paper stuck inside provided by his Nursery teachers)

Snippets of the conversation that ensued when I received these cards;

"You're the bestest mom - I love you..." (Big H holds out card)
"I love you too, sayang...Wow!! Thank you!! - Did you make this flower yourself?"
"It's very nice.."

"Mama, look what I made..I used glue to stick these papers on the card..." (typical Little H with his explanations...)
"Oh...Wow...(opening card) - Is this for me?"
"Yes...yes..because the teacher said it's Mother's Day today.."
"Thank you sayang...." (big kiss and a big hug before he ran to his brother at the pc who was playing games there, all other thoughts forgotten..)

I took the cards to the kitchen and scrutinised them 1 by 1. Not a work of art to be sure..but they made me feel wonderful, anyway.

I took some pics of the cards using my mobile phone and look them over one more time...

He he he...jadi lah....


floweRinthedesert said... sweet of them. :)

Ayu said...

Haha.. so cute.

hazyr said...


Along said...

It always feels great to receive stuff from our kids, walaupun tak lawa mana...but it comes from their heart. I have so many homemade cards in the office, terasa macam tadika pun ada. Hehehe..