Monday, March 03, 2008

Saturday Outing At The Wharf

When Mr S has to work during weekends, he doesn't leave the children and I at home and doom us all to a boring weekend - he brings us all along to his office to make it a family outing!

Of course, this is only when he doesn't really have A LOT to do, just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Canary Wharf is a nice place to visit after all - one can have a stroll along the river with the wind in one's face and then have a 'stroll' in the shopping malls before taking a break in one of the cafes there for some tea and cake.
And it's really nice to walk along tall buildings just reminds me so much of back home.

As usual, here are some pics to help me share with you our experience there...

Big H and Little H with the UK's three tallest buildings in the background (1 Canada Square, 8 Canada Square and The Citigroup Centre).

The boys with their 'typical' poses..

Nice view...but it was a little dark standing in the shadows of the buildings.

Whilst walking towards the Jubilee Place Mall.

A coin for the fountain?

In front of Mr S's office building..

Snack time: A muffin for Little H and a Victorian Sandwich for Big H.

Mr S and I shared a large tub of itsu noodles. Highly recommended, especially for cold days - hearty and filling, with lots of veges!

Back home, Mr S belanja Chinese food to save me from cooking after the outing and because it was Mother's Day on Sunday (Mother's Day treat, he called it) was surprisingly quite good and well worth it.


Fashionasia said...

eh...i tot mothers day is in May?!?

halwafy said...

fashionasia, thanks for pointing that out. Apparently, different countries celebrate Mother's Day on different dates. According to Wikipedia, in the UK, Mother's Day is celebrated on the '4th Sunday of Lent' 3 weeks before Easter Sunday. That's on the 2nd of March this year. The US celebrates this day in May, though. It really depends on the different histories of the countries...

New info for me too :)

Anonymous said...

hi halwafy, where did you get the chinese take out? i live in canary wharf but have not found a good (and halal i take it?) chinese resto at all. much appreciated if you can let me know, thanks!

Yan said...

amboi! pandainya ur boys ber'posing'..;) so cute!

halwafy said...

anonymous: Ooops! Sorry, that chinese takeaway is in Leytonstone, near where we live..and yes it is halal..sorry if u have been mislead into thinking that it's in Canary Wharf...

Yan: Yeah..normal la tu..but bukan posing 'to look good' tau, they like to pose to look silly...boys!

mudpie said...

the spicy dumpling noodles looks delicious ... nice poses by the two brothers ..