Thursday, March 18, 2010

At the Tracks

The boys had a wonderful weekend last week.

Earlier in the week, we received an invite to a birthday party of a friend's son to be held on Saturday. But that wasn't what that had excited the boys - parties are pretty commonplace these days and in my opinion, birthday gatherings here are more fun for the parents really who get a chance to catch up with friends and eat some nice Malaysian food while the kids play together or do activities with the entertainers.

What was different and exciting for the boys this time though was the treat that my friend, the father of the birthday boy, had generously organised for about 10 kids between the ages 6-8 before the party. They were to get a chance to do some indoor go-karting! So boys being boys of course they were over the moon about the whole thing!

Due to unexpected heavy traffic that morning, we arrived quite late to the venue but not to worry, all the children were divided into two groups to take turns on the track anyway, so Big H and Little H were put into the second group and were not disappointed!

Big H looked nervous while waiting for his turn to have a go.

A short briefing on how to drive the kart - all the other kids had their briefing in a special room but because we were late, the boys had to have a quick lesson just beside the track! The red pedal is for stopping, the green is for moving. No problem!

Getting helmets that best fit them.
Of course, Big H had to get a slightly bigger-sized one!

Looking pretty cool and all ready to rev up the engines!

Our turn next. Tak sabar...

Finally! It's the boys' turn!

Big H.
He was fast but careful - took over other drivers
whenever he could but was careful around the corners.

Little H however didn't know the meanings of 'break' or 'corner'!
He just flew around the bends and quite a few times rammed
himself into those red and white tyres!!

After 1 hour of fun, 15 + 15 mins for each group, everyone received 'certificates' and the birthday boy got a medal. And we had a photo op at the podium - of course, nearly everyone wanted to stand at the centre of it!

After that at our friend's place for the actual party, after the food
it was back to the 'usual' activity.

The boys even had a round of Guitar Hero with some other children at the party, playing to Deep Purple's Smoke On the Water and Joan Jett's I Love Rock & Roll!

Overall, Big H and Little H really had a good time. They had so much fun actually that they were talking about their go kart experience even the next day, laughing loudly at their own driving and 'accidents' while watching the videos Mr S took of them going around the track.

A bundle of thanks to Uncle Shamsul for all the fun. If the track is somewhere nearer to us I really don't mind bringing them to it often for something to do during the weekends but unfortunately it's quite far away. Oh well, it was good experience for the kids anyway and who knows, they might be able to persuade Mr S to drive them all the way there for a few more rounds during the school holidays.


Along said...

Birthday at a go cart arena? Fuyooo! These things keep getting more and more overwhelming..especially for the parents. But the boys got to have great fun...that's what counts.

tatiaziz said...

i love the go-kart pictures!cool! ^^

dillazag said...

Wah! You are REALLY back! I thought it was just Hangat-Hangat Tahi Ayam talking.. :)

How cool and fun for them. Mengapa zaman saya kecik dulu takde benda-benda cool macam ni haaa??

fizi said...

kat mana tempat ni? bestnya diorang! :)

Halwafy said...

Along: My kids are 'big' now so they're not excited at the prospect of a clown or princess coming to entertain. Activities like these for birthday treats are perfect for them!

Tati: thanks. Ambik pakai Lumix LX3 :)

dilla: kalau sempat I will try my best to update inshaAllah..kalau busy nak buat camno...kita takda helper kat rumah macam awak ;p Anyway, i know wat u mean, kids hv a lot going for them these days, it's up to us though to make sure that they just have good clean fun and it's good for them physically, n mentally (n if possible spiritually) :)

fizi: somewhere near croydon area...abt 45 mins je patutnya dari tempat aku but the road leading there selalu normally 1.5 hours la baru boleh sampai...

khadijah said...

the boys looked like proffesional race drivers :) bestnya!