Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Not Your Friend!

"Why is Mama's body changing?" asked Little H to a bemused Mr S.
"What do you mean?"
"Well...her breasts used to be down here.." he said, using both hands to indicate somewhere between his chest and tummy(!!!), "but now, it's up here!"- his hands now pointing some where between his collarbone and chest!
Obviously Mr S was laughing by this time. But Little H wasn't finished yet.."And her tummy is fat!"

Oh joy.

Ok, people. Time to come clean.
I haven't gotten a boob job like some of you may think. And neither have I been pigging out that I have grown a spare tyre around my middle. The fact is, I am actually, right now, as of today, thirteen weeks and 5 days pregnant!
So you can understand why Little H has been harassing me with his moods of late. He cries at the slightest provocation from his brother and threatens us all with the all too frequently used; "I'm not your friend!" every little chance he gets - so frequently that Mr S, the teaser, has even made up a little 'melody' for it. Teruk Mr S! And of course, it annoys Little H even more when everyone especially Big H roars with laughter at Mr S's teasing.
Cian dia.
But that's really being unfair - Little H has been adorable too. He leaves his games and Legos from time to time to check on me in my room whenever I'm feeling a little bit down during my 1st trimester. He cheers me up with his cheeky smile and little stories which always start with, "Mama, shall I tell you something..??"
And....he gives helpful comments when I try out clothes at the shop! Little H likes to follow me into the changing room to look at me trying on clothes that I want to buy. I remember when I was trying on some maternity jeans at a NEXT store, Little H comments were like these; "That looks fabulous on you Mama!" and "No, that looks funny." And in a shop when I was trying on a rain coat because spring is upon us now and I need a nice water resistant and hooded piece, Little H decided to announce loudly, "Mama, when you wear this coat you don't look fat anymore!"
Well, that was it then! Of course I had to buy that coat. It's just wrong not to when my loudest critic has given his blessing!
Oh well, I guess we all know where Little H's mood swings are coming from. Soon inshaAllah, he won't be the baby in the family anymore and he knows it. Mr S says he's using up all his 'baby credits' quickly now because really, he has always been the more 'matured' and 'sensible' one between my two boys...
So takpelah...


What's luv gotta do ? said...

dear kak siti, congratulations !!! =)

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

Congratulations.Aww how nice to be preggy

Along said...

Congratulations on ur pregnancy!! Hope everything goes smoothly...

farah said...

salam kak ibah, so good to finally hear from you...tahniah yer...jage diri baik2 :)

Anonymous said...

Moga semuanya dipermudahkan.


D said...

Hey, super duper congrats!!! Let's see... another musketeer to make it a threesome or a princess, eh? ;) Hope the pregnancy goes on fine. Bila due ni? After raya I suppose..

rd said...




Betul2 syok la :)

hinorei said...


Little H, cute as always :)

Yan said...

OMG!!!!!!! great news! CONGRATULATIONS! soo happy for you..;))) more updates kay...stay well & enjoy ;)

fizi said...

Congratulations!! so happy for you. girl or boy, mesti abang2 dia sayang habis!!

M-O-M said...

waaah bestnye...congratulation to all of you!!! boleh tak...hope it is contagious...*;)

take care!

dillazag said...

congrats babe. :)
do take care!