Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lots Of Snow In London!

The snow started early in the morning and hasn't stopped. I made sure the kids were wearing their wellies and I had to shovel the snow off the car - we were not prepared for so much snow and I had no tool whatsoever to remove all that snow - so had to use my son's toy shovel! Nearly froze my hands while doing it.

I had to drive slowly for it was very slippery. As we turned the corner to the school, some teachers were waiting to inform us that there would be no school today - I should have
guessed this knowing the school is not used to such a situation. But many other parents were also walking back slowly with their kids in their school uniform. Guess I wasn't the only one who didn't call the school before braving all that snow.

So now we're back at home, the boys are playing inside after a short stint in the back yard - they seem to like the snow after all - my youngest was amazed with the car tracks on the road and my son wanted a carrot for a snowman's nose. But I didn't let them play too long outside because they both have yet to recover 100% from their cold and cough this last week. They didn't protest.

I'm still excited by the snow. But having to be responsible for the children, I must refrain myself from lying in the snow and throwing snow balls at them too much. I remember the only time I saw snow in it's wonderful snowflake pattern (pic) was in Scotland (again). It was once or twice - the beautiful and tiny flakes were on my dark blue school coat - I took one to look closely but it melted in my hand in a few seconds. I have never seen one again after I left Scotland. The ones I always see is similar to the ABC ice shavings.

Looking outside, the snow is still falling softly and heavily, albeit the flakes are not too big. Maybe I'll go outside to see if I can catch some pretty snow flakes again. Sigh. Wish my husband didn't have to go to work today - would have been nice to enact a few scenes from Winter Sonata or something.

Wonder how thick the snow will be by the end of the day.


FloweRinTheDesert said...

Eeeii bestnyer!!! You guys must be having a blast with all that snow! Mana pic of the boys' first Snowman???

halwafy said...

No snowman. It's really hard work making one you know and they needed adult help - but me didn't want to play with too much snow, so just ended up with a 'snow castle' instead, caught on video.

Lenwë Aldaríon said...

wahhh!!! So much snow! Awesome! I would have made a snowman!

Take care ye :)

halwafy said...

Yes Nic, wish you were here - you would have layan the kids with the snow much more than I did..:)

jujuqtpie said...

As I was reading through your post, and reading that you had to shovel snow, in my head, I was like "Wow! Halwafy shovels as well. Is there nothing she can't do!" LOL

Imagine how tickled I was to read that you used your son's toy shovel. The blue one in the pix, yea? :)

Anyway, the snow looks fun, and the kids sure look like they're enjoying it.