Wednesday, February 14, 2007

NOT a Valentine's Day Entry

We Muslims are not supposed to celebrate Val's Day.

But back in Malaysia I normally just go out with my husband and have dinner or something just because of the hype and the promotions available during the celebration.

We didn't really celebrate it. It's just an excuse for us to have dinner together - sans the kids.

And then there are the heart shape chocolate boxes and beautiful cards in the shops - so we just take advantage of them. The intention is NOT to celebrate Val's Day per se - just to take advantage of all that commercial stuff. I think - and I hope I am right - our niat is more important when it comes to things that are not obviously wrong - e.g. eating in a fancy restaurant is not wrong on any other day so why should it be wrong on Val's Day?

That's my stand on this matter. Anyway...celebrate or no celebrate, I have reposted an old entry I wrote for my husband's birthday last year - just because 'love is in the air' during this time of the year, I suppose, and to remind my husband of our romantic beginning..;)

It was just for fun. It was one of the boys’ idea but they all joined in although there were not enough names for everyone. There is no harm in ‘booking’ the names of the new girls who are coming to the school and then wait anxiously and curiously to see their faces. The girls themselves would never know unless they told them. And none of them would for it was just for fun.

He picked her. Out of the many names of the new girls that were coming to their school – her name appealed to him most. Perhaps he recognised her by name, as his soul mate, but at such a young age, he would never have thought of such things although perhaps he had - without him realising, in his subconscience, not in his alert mind. No, never there. He was never a lady’s man and never has been interested in pursuing any girl. It’s not that he was disinterested, because he was. But frankly, no girl in his 19 years of life has ever really appealed to him, physically nor emotionally. The rest of the boys went for all the other names available but he did not spare the other names a glance. Only that one. And so he picked her to be his ‘conquest’, as the rest of the boys chose the other names to be theirs in the new term.

The boys were waiting for the girls outside the refectory after tea. It was not their normal routine but this time it was different, as the new girls were having their tea inside and they all wanted an introduction. The school had nearly twenty Malaysians and they were really a close community. News of new Malaysians coming to the school would always excite everyone and so they stood patiently outside talking to each other while waiting for the girls to finish their tea.



cp1 said...

since you said, niat is the main thing .. i will take this opportunity to wish you and hubby happy love day .. especially you into reminisce-ing your lovey dovey day ...

hugs to you!!

halwafy said...

Hugs to you too...thank you!