Thursday, February 15, 2007

Muffin Night

I was trying to paint a banner for my son's coming birthday celebration (I had some left over paint from the Fun Day banner I painted), when my son came to me with this:

Apparently, they were playing a game on the Nick Jr website - a game from a show called The Hey Girls - a game about decorating muffins.

But at the end of the game, they give you the recipes of these muffins and so, my son, who has always seen me sit at the pc copying recipes from emails and the internet, copied a recipe for me to make. It was a recipe for Chocolate Muffins.

Because of the effort my eldest put in and since they both asked so very nicely if I would make the muffins and if they could also help me with the batter, I agreed to make them, although it was already 6.30pm.

School holidays, what the heck.

And so after measuring and mixing and spooning the batter into paper cups - following the recipe my son had written down - both my sons waited patiently in front of the oven until I shooed them away to play on the computer or watch tv or whatever.

18 minutes later, the muffins were ready but were too hot to be eaten but my sons were happy coz they were going to eat warm muffins that night.

"May we have another one, mom?"


dillazag said...

Such sweet kids you have... :)

halwafy said...


Thanks..:) I think so too, sometimes!

FloweRinTheDesert said...

what a heartwarming entry. :) so sweet of hasan to have copied that recipe for u, and look at him waiting patiently in front of the oven! lol hamzah plak alahai comot nye dgn spikey hair nye! :D

mami-oh-mummy said...

rasa mom lagi sweeter sebab agreed to 'make a mess' in the kitchen for the recipe yg 'reliability nye questionable' tu kan...cute kids you have there...God bless.

p.s. my father used to sing this song..i don't know the title but it goes smthg like this...hassan memang budak nakal...hari2 curi jambu...tapi by the looks from ur pics. nampak mcm hamzah lg mischievious. just my thot though i'm sure they are good kids.:D

Ayu said...

Comelnye.. tapi sedap tak?

halwafy said...

Rin: that pic was actually taken the next morning, when they had the muffins for breakfast as well..that's why Hamzah's hair was like that.

M-o-m: mother and my husband's father (atuk to the kids)pun suka nyanyi lagu tu jugak. But Hasan means 'baik' you know, and alhmdllh, he is that.

Hamzah was named after Saidina Hamzah r.a. and you should see his body and his actions...although, I dont know if Saidina Hamzah was very naughty too as a child :)

Ayu: Muffin tu ok lah..normal. I saw the ingredients tu mcm cukup je semua..tht's why I followed it..ada chocolate chips, so mmg la budak2 suka..

Anonymous said...

You have such adorable kids.. both are really very very sweet. God bless them..